Friday, 29 January 2010

ATC Swap - February

Thanks to Suzie B for the beautiful ATC she sent me (and the card it was in was lovely too!) for the January swap.
Hopefully you'll all have received your ATC's by now.
I gather you're all raring to go with next month and pestered Gina into setting the theme early!

OK! The theme for February is "Music the year you were born".
Having been born soooo long ago (thanks Gina!!) I had to do some research - did find a few songs  and actually recognised two of them to the extent that I knew the words. Result!!

This month's swap partners are:

SusieJ - to Alma
Gina to Carole
Alma to Jenni
Carole to Maria
Jenni to Donna
Maria to Bev
Donna to Tania
Bev to Val
Tania to Gill
Val to Sue-bubbles
Gill to SuzieB
Sue-bubbles to FionaK
SuzieB to Gina
FionaK to SusieJ

Please email me or post a message on here if you need to me to send your partner's postal address.

Remember - the commitment is only for one ATC but you are welcome to make more and send them to other participants.

Most of all - have fun!!

Sue xx
p.s. I don't have an email address for FionaK


craftattack said...

Thanks for organising everything again!

Hi I'm Maria... said...

hi sue, I panicked when seeing the heading, as thought you'd already done febuary one, lol...

love suzie's card and ATC...

posted mine to donna today, (but not had one from or heard jenni as yet?)..

could you send me bev's address please, thanks
maria x


Hi Susie
A beautiful card and ATC,
Hugs Dianne xx

tea_bag said...

Thanks for organising it all, having fun doing them great theme Gina