Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Was that it?

Well if that was Christmas ... I hope the New Year is better.

Regular readers will know of my ongoing tooth problem (long term plan is to have a gold crown) .... thought it was sorted for Christmas but no!

Christmas Eve the tooth "went" again. I did manage to eat Christmas dinner but that is the last proper meal I've had this week.

I have never known pain like it - upper and lower jaw, down into my throat, up into my ear...

It took me 11 phone calls and two days to get an appt. with an emergency dentist through NHS Direct. Only problem is .. they don't treat just advise!

She told me I needed to get my tooth seen to! She prodded and poked (increasing the pain) and said she wouldn't give me antibiotics as the abcess was leaking (it was a mouth ulcer not pus!) and she wasn't allowed to prescribe stronger painkillers as "I could buy them over the counter "- rubbish said the pharmacist!

For this stating of the obvious and no help I had to pay £16.50.

After yet another sleep disturbed night I finally managed to contact a private dentist at 15:30 yesterday - he was due to finish the clinic at 17:00 but agreed to see me (I think he could hear the distress in my voice).

I'd been leaving messages on the wrong number - someone somewhere has a series of increasingly desperate pleas for treatment!

This dentist was wonderful - he drained the abcess and removed the nerves from my tooth and applied a temporary dressing - end of pain! Mouth a little sore but only to be expected.

Thought that was it - until I got up this morning - I look like a lopsided hamster - the right side of my face is swollen. Happened to have a check up with my GP this morning and he's put me on to two lots of antibiotics - one of which is so strong I can't have alcohol - not even a chocolate liqueur. So much for a "happy" New Year.

In the midst of all this I was walking Max on Boxing Day and managed to hit one of the few remaining bits of ice - ended up flat on my back with a bemused dog hovering over me.

At least I haven't over indulged this year - think I've probably lost weight in fact. Every they say!


Hi I'm Maria... said...

oh sue, you poor thing, sending you tons of sparkles for your poor mouth, ears tooth, gums, in fact the whole of your head...

but you did make me smile at the thought of someone having your phone messages and you slipping up, sorry, but it make me laugh a bit, at your expense, sorry :-)

bu to make up for it, I will have an extra drink for you on New Years Eve, now don't say I don't help people, lol...

take care, hugs...
maria x

SusieJ said...

That's very kind of you Maria - have a glass (or two)of rose for me!
Sue xx

mrs tsv said...

sue you poor thing, i can imagine the pain you were in. i was holding my mouth just reading about it. i hope the anitbiotics kick in quickly for you.
and then for you to slip flat on your back, your not having the best of luck. please note, i did not laugh at your expense as maria did.
and i will have a snowball for you tomorrow night. lol
i hope those men of yours are looking after you.
take care
hugs gina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

craftattack said...

Poor you, Sue. Toothache is always bad, but does it have to be at Xmas? Hope you will soon be feeling better, and happy new year to you and yours!

SusieJ said...

Thanks Gina and Val - hope you both have fabulous evenings and a Happy New Year.
Thanks too for not laughing - as some people did!
Sue xx

sue-bubbles said...

Wishing you a much happier new year particular a pain-free mouth..ouch! Dentists..they should all be shot! lol! I didnt have a drink either..couldnt face the potential consequences, but like you say - no hangover to contend with - thats all you would have needed - not!
Hugs and sparkles on their way! Sue x

Clarky J said...

Hi Susie
Hop on over to my blog I hope there is something there which will cheer you up and make up for an alcohol free new year! Janet

tartantaz said...

Happy New Year to you, I hope your mouth has healed by now. Here is wishing you a better year in 2010. Sorry Ive not visited in a while but Im just getting things together, finally. So hope to come visit more often.

Take care

T x

SueB said...

Hi Susie!

Great blog! So sorry to hear about your tooth, poor you!!!I hope you have a great 2010!
Suzie xxxx :)

tea_bag said...

I do hope your feeling better now, Our NHS dental care is really in a mess