Thursday, 8 September 2011

What's Rocking My World Friday....Dressing like a grown-up and stumbling in heels.

Another week has gone by and I'm actually very pleased that this one is almost over.
Difficult to think of any positives although there must have been some...

Erm..I had my hair cut on Monday, different hairdresser (mine was on holiday) and the new girl actually made a better job of it..not everyone can do an  inverted bob.

Oh, yes...I solved the Max/ weekend problem (at a price) by changing hotels..the new one is even better (and has a spa) and has 200 acres of garden/parkland/woods...yes, Max is coming with us. He's still sulking about us leaving him behind on Tuesday and not collecting him until Weds. afternoon.

Ooh, I got to stay in a Holiday Inn at Elstree on Tues. night. Sadly,  all the Travelodges/Premier Inns  we tried were was such a hardship...NOT!
Nice meal (that wasn't cooked by me) and a comfortable bed.

The funeral went as well as these things ever go...unfortunately the aftermath has been unpleasant - to the extent that we saw a solicitor today. He just confirmed what we knew - too late to do anything (by 23 years, which is when D's father died and his will mysteriously went missing). My MIL was D's stepmother (his Mum died when he was only 7).

I dressed like a grown-up  for the funeral..including tights and heels..yes, I wore a dress. The heels weren't too bad on Tuesday but I forgot to pack flats for Weds. After stumbling around St Alban's (literally) for an hour, I retired to the public library and spent a happy half-hour checking my emails etc. My legs and feet have still not recovered...the physio knew what she was talking about when she warned me off wearing heels too often...but I love pretty shoes!

I'm grateful for the people who have emailed and phoned to offer support and have threatened all sorts of things to cheer me up and de-stress me when my routine is back to normal. The jury's out on whether I'm looking forward to all of them :)

Song of the week:
Maroon 5 "Moves Like Jagger" - great video 

Book of the week:
"Selected Poems" by Robert Frost. I love poetry :) And it does make a change from my "normal" reading.

Surreal moment of the week:
Just now when I dashed upstairs to google "bras" to find out when they were first developed. It's surreal because at the time we were watching a documentary on the formation of British Rail and the end of the steam train.*

I'm posting this early as I'm tired and going to bed soon and I have to pack for our weekend away in the morning. Normal service will be resumed on Monday evening..although I'm taking my laptop with me..ostensibly so that we can play Bejeweled but really 'cos I get withdrawal symptoms if I can't log on.

I'm leaving you with another gem from Pinterest:

And I bet you're singing it now!!

Do check out the other Rockettes and have a great weekend..whatever you're doing. :)

* The question was prompted by an advert for the sponsors of the programme not the programme itself.


Diane said...

You sound quiet bright this week Sue with all things considered, which is good. Hope to see you soon at AMOM.

hugs Diane xx

craftattack said...

A mixed week, but you have managed it! Have a lovely weekend, and enjoy your Robert Frost! Hugs, Valerie

Virginia said...

Oh sweetie that's a mixed bag of things this week, I'm glad the funeral is over with and hope you can move forward now hugs to both you and your hubby on that front.

I couldn't for the life of me fathom out how you'd got from trains to bras in one go LOL - I just thought you'd had one of those random thoughts that you mean to check on when you are on the internet and that as soon as you sit with the screen and keyboard in front of you - your mind goes blank (or is that just me).

Can't remember the last time I wore proper heels, hubby being only 1 inch taller than me put a stop to stilettos a long time ago but think I'd be too heavy for them now anyway - I could destroy solid wood floors in a pair of stilettos I'm sure of it! On the shoe front realised this week that I'm going to need some new winter boots, apparently I managed to wear through the soles of the ones I had last year!

Hope you have a good weekend away - can't wait to hear what you've been doing, I have a feeling I've missed some of your posts so I'm going to work backwards, by the time I understand your life forwards none of my comments will make any sense whatsoever - nothing new there then I hear you say!


Carole said...

I'm glad that your whole week wasn't too bad under the circumstances and that you've got a lovely weekend away to look forward to - but don't forget to pack sensible shoes this time!!!

Hugs, Carole xxx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

well done on surviving the week sue, hugs...xx

have a lovely weekend, I seemed to have missed what you were up to, so look forward to hearing all about it (unless it's X rated of course, lol)...

maria xx

Joanna said...

We both dressed up like grown-ups this week for a funeral :o( Sorry to hear there's been a bit of subsequent fall-out. Families, eh?!

I cannot imagine how you got from steam trains to bras either, but well done - it shows the mind of a real madwoman and I am proud of you!

Have a lovely time away with Max,


Carmen said...

Last time I wore heels I hit the deck, pulled my sister down with me and couldn't get up again for giggling like a loon.

Had nothing to do with the BOGOF vodka shots that the pub we were in were doing. Nothing at all. *Ahem*

So sorry things have turned nasty - it'sad how often that seems to happen when someone dies.

So pleased you blogged still and managed to sneak a bit of kinkiness in there too *g*

Bad Penny said...

I haven't got over wearing my lovely wedding shoes. I've worn flip flops all summer - put boots on to dog walk & now have blisters !

Anonymous said...

Hi my friend, Your week has indeed been mixed. hope you are coping well and hope your feet soon recover from the heels. I soooo know that feeling.

I am just back from my hols and am having a digital collage sheet giveaway myself.Please pop by and help yourself to it and see my holiday snaps
hugs June x

Daniella said...

Well you did good under the circumstances. The best you can, and that is good enough!
still so sorry about you trouble. Hope it is getting better!!

DGgirl said...

Hi Susie - I'm almost a week late in getting around to catching up with blogs but, hey, better late than never. Funerals - nuff said!!!!

Looking forward to hearing about your weekend away.

Life still mad hectic up here - hence no blogging ;-(

Keep up the good work missus.


p.s. Kindle now officially on my Christmas list and all relevant parties informed three months in advance!

Plush Possum Studio said...

Susie, I've just finished the reply to your response to the Gleaners post over at PPS, and I wanted to thank you for enlightening our other guests as to this noble tradition.
Not everyone has such stories to cherish and pass on. Yours has given new life to the subject matter.
thank you again so very much. I'm as touched as I can be.