Monday, 26 September 2011

A Grand Day Out (and I'm no longer a virgin)

Yesterday (Sunday) was  a much anticipated  day out...the day of the Stamp and Craft Show @ Ally Pally.

Pat drove us up to London  (well, she has a car and I don't and although I can drive, I don't).

We stopped at IKEA on the N Circular and I am no longer an IKEA virgin.
That place is massive (as in size and not the other meaning) and busy..I think  Dante had  just visited when he wrote his "Inferno".

I did buy some odds and ends..

all of which are destined to become Christmas presents (though I may keep one of the notebooks for myself). I have a cunning plan for the frames, thanks to Pinterest.

The show itself was worth a visit..much nicer than the NEC..busy but not too crowded and the crafty people had time to chat.
Purchases were of course made:
Papers by Webster's Pages,lots of TH like embellishments (but not as expensive) and a Zentangle book - I'm hoping to improve my doodling skills or just have a change from Sudoku. :)

Card supplies, Christmas ribbon (like I really needed any more) and a mirror that is going to be covered using Decopatch and will end up under someone's Christmas tree.

Photos were taken by Pat but I won't get my copies until Friday. I plan on doing a LO as yesterday was noteworthy in that a) I wore a dress b) you could see my legs c) I elicited a "You look nice.." from D. Talk about "steps back in amazement.."

I'd had enough well before Pat but managed to find activities to keep me out of mischief...
One of them was watching the people/choirs arriving for the filming of "Songs of Praise". Judging by some of the party hats being carried it may well have been the Christmas episode (but I could be wrong).

We deliberately took the wrong turn that we found on our last visit and made it home in just over an hour..if only we could remember it  on the way there as it cuts out lots of the fiddly parts of the journey.

Back home normal service was resumed- back in jeans and my Man Utd hoodie to walk Max.

I nearly came a cropper while walking him. I've always sort of looked down on people who walk their dogs while texting or chatting on their mobiles as not paying enough attention to their pets.
Well, guess what? I was texting last night (it was a fascinating conversation and we both had plans so couldn't text /talk later) and almost got hit in the face by a rogue football - I looked up at the last minute and managed to avoid it. Max came rushing over (he was off lead) and we (the boy who kicked the ball, his father and I) all thought it was to check up on me. No, it was to chase the football. That puts me in my place.

I'd been planning to watch the rerun of the Singapore GP but got sidetracked by the T20 wish I hadn't...I'm not used to England losing cricket matches...
Only two positives in the game for me:
Borthwick had the best bowling average, he took his first wicket in an England shirt, pulled off a great catch and had second highest batting total.
Stokes made the most runs.
These two are both Durham youngsters and as the signs say when you enter the county, "Durham A First Class County". Others say "Land of the Prince Bishops". Seeing those signs on the A1M means I'm almost home.

If you've made it this far you deserve a coffee (or s'thing stronger).
Hugs xx


Diane said...

Now you have turned me into the "GREEN EYED MONSTER" Sue !! Envy isin`t the word.....glad you had a fab time shopping (don`t envy you over nearly getting hit in the face, I would have laughed and then asked it you were alright !!)

hugs Diane xx

Carole said...

So glad you had a lovely day out, the show sounds fun - I might have to check it out next year ;)

Hugs, Carole xxx

craftattack said...

Well, I am shocked that you are no longer a virgin! And Ikea is to blame? Well! Glad you had a good time out though! Hugs, Valerie

Carmen said...

Still huffing that I didn't get to go. What a fab haul you got there. I hear that the Hobbycrafts show might be coming to Bluewater next year so I may have to snoopy snoop at that one.

Daniella said...

sounds like an amazing day!! And all of the goodies you found!! Ikea is a HUGE store for sure. And you can't possibly see the whole store in one day. At least I've never been able to!!!

Anonymous said...

Sooo true about Durham ... i am proud to live in the county.
Loving all your goodies, glad you had a fabulous time
I have some lovely French freebie images on my Dezinaworld blog today. pop by if you get the chance and have a wonderful weekend
hugs June x

BadPenny said...

Ikea is MASSIVE isn't it ? We have one now in Southampton. When Jess was a baby & we were " setting up home " we used to go to the one in Mallorca at the weekends after Car Boot sales & flea markets.