Thursday, 22 September 2011

What's Rocking My World Friday (with pictures and sex tape)

Apparently this blog is being brought to you by"The Cougar". This is my new nickname, courtesy of Carmen......mmm, at first I didn't know how I felt about this but then realised that yes, all the men in my life are younger than me*, so it probably fits. :)

So, gratefuls for this week...

First has to be DH being away for most of it.. I know this may sound odd, but with him working from home so much we're always in close proximity and since Dad died I don't get my weekends away (to chill, be silly, live it up, hear rock bands etc etc). It is possible to have too much of a good thing.

So...while he's been in Edinburgh (2 days), Newcastle (today) and Leeds (tomorrow) what have I been doing?
Get the boring stuff out of the way first....yes, the "h" word. I took the opportunity to do stuff that I can't do when he's home...bad idea! I thought  the "h" word was dangerous and now I know it's back is killing me ..
Didn't have to do the "i" word..the basket is empty ...

I've been able to...
- watch football on the main TV rather than in DS's room
- eat what I want, when I want..or not eat if that's what I feel like
- have MTV playing without complaint
- have a drink without being tutted at (he's virtually teetotal as he drives so much :()
- play as much as I want (and boy, have I played..)
- not go to the supermarket as I haven't run out of anything

I have missed him, of course I have, and will be pleased when he's home tomorrow night...but it's been wonderful just having myself (and Max) to please. And Max is easy..a couple of walks a day, food and cuddles in bed..

So what else has rocked my world?

Friends who seem to have discovered a way to make Wednesday not such a trial. I may not get much done but I certainly feel better (and more positive) for their phone calls and thanks to Pat and Phil (another transplanted Northerner) for cheering me up.

Parcels!! Yes, my toys arrived (fun!)but I also got my prize from WeScrap for the "Deal or No Deal" Challenge. Four of us tied for 1st place with 14 points so  extra prizes were awarded ..

Lots of crafty goodness there.

The demo day with Lindsay Mason at A Maze of Memories on Saturday. Loved the techniques and Lindsay is a lovely person, but I have to say, the stamps we used weren't really my thing. Here's the card I made:
I do have one friend who is very religious and will appreciate this card.

Man Utd....for two good wins over teams that I hate us playing..Chelsea and Leeds.

Sadly, the Durham boys were third in the Cricket 1st Division.. but not by many was tight at the top.

Experimenting with candles and pegs and things..

Question of the week:
Why, oh why, have female singers re-introduced the "gym knicker"?  
Yes, you Pixie Lott and you, Nicola, from Girls Aloud. It wasn't a good look when we had to wear them (ours were bottle green) and it's not a good look now!

Book of the week:
Actually, six of them, the "Wilde" series by Chloe Lang.
Girl falls in love with 5 brothers (cowboys Joanna!!) and gets to marry them all.
They range from a very sweet youngest to a full on 24/7 Master, the eldest. Much too good to be true..but we can dream. :)

So there you have it.. a week when the first Christmas card was made (along with a b'day card for N's girlfriend Vicky) and I had time to please myself for once - bliss.
I'd just like to wish a certain someone Happy 40th Birthday (no names, no pack drill) and leave you with the promised sex tape....
Pinterest has a lot to answer for!

*Despite his claiming to be "a child bride" DH is, in fact ,only 8 months younger than me.

One more task to accomplish then I'm off to bed.


Diane said...

Glad you have enjoyed some you and Max time !! Lucky you on your win and love your card !! Agree with you over the stamps, so I must try and do something else with them.......

hugs Diane xx


Hi Sue
Sounds like you have had a good week all around ,congratulations on your win and and your card is fabulous, enjoy your weekend
Hugs Dianne xx :)

Virginia said...

Fabulous list hun - glad Wednesday was a little easier for you this week! I totally get the idea of time at home on your own, having just done the six week holiday with said 11 year old around and the odd day off since with hubby I've loved it all, but I do sometimes like a day off without having to negotiate my day - might try for one of these next week, however for today I'm off to work - with my hacking cough!

Gina said...

Fabulous post Sue :D I never thought I'd get into this blogging thing(being such a technophobe), but I am so inspired to find "It's not just me then" posts. Even as I am typing this comment Hubby(working from home fridays) has come downstairs to "ask a little favour" "could I just" only "he's busy"!!!! Sound familiar????
I too am trying to grab some of "my life" back, while still doing all the mundane stuff...god it's hard work :D XXX

K said...

Sex tape, lmao, that has just wiped any other comments I had thought of from my mind so I'll pop back later, sex tape, oh dear!

Joanna said...

5 cowboys?! Oh my word, can you have too much of a good thing? (NO!).
Congrats on your WeScrap haul, it's always exciting to get new 'stuff' - sometimes not what you'd choose for yourself but can then surprise yourself and end up using it loads!
I know what you mean about the card (I'm not religious either), but it's so beautifully done and I'm sure your friend will treasure it. I forgive you for mentioning Christmas cards!
Glad you enjoyed playing with your new 'toys'........

Have a lovely weekend, Sue.


Anonymous said...

Hi My friend, its always lovely to catch up with you on a friday, its good too to hear all about another northerner ... it oft feels lonely here in the North east til i read your posts.
Have a wonderful weekend and hopefully H free :)
hugs June x

Bad Penny said...

My Gym knickers were green too !

Hubby about to go away for three months.....

Hi I'm Maria... said...

sounds a good week sue, pleased you managed some 'you' time...xx

maria xx