Friday, 16 September 2011

What's Rocking My World Friday (with pictures)

Another week, another Friday,another win (and a draw) for Man Utd and another list of gratefuls...

First has to be D's employers for the weekend away (to mark his being with the company 30 years). 
We had a lovely and mainly restful time in North Wales - stuck to the coast, so I still haven't seen Mount Snowdon but we def. want to go back. It won't be to the same hotel though....much too expensive for our budget but bliss to stay in.

This is a side view of the hotel "proper" - most of it dates from the 16th century. We ate in the dining room on our first was all very quiet  and silver service - felt like we should have dressed for dinner (and yes, I do have some posh frocks and an evening skirt - a hangover from when I used to interpret at Civic Balls and the like). The food was delicious but "nouvelle cuisine" i.e. beautifully presented but small portions. Needless to say we ate in the bistro the next night - much more us - and then had room service on the last night.

This was our cottage, The Bailiff's House - we even had our own private garden

There were interesting walks for Max in the adjoining woods so he was in his element.

Max is my next grateful, for his ability to spot dog lovers and make friends. He ended up on his back, having his tummy rubbed by strange women in Llandudno and Conwy...he's so easy!

M&S security dept. have to be next for alerting me to the fact that my card has been "compromised"....they phoned me Thurs. afternoon to check that a couple of payments were genuine..sadly they weren't. It got a bit embarrassing when he checked my latest purchases to make sure they were genuine, ebooks from USA fine (he didn't know what sort of books they were) but one was an order for some toys...
 So that's me with no card for at least a shopping then :( Just hope it arrives before Ally Pally on 25th.

I am not grateful for the cold I brought back from Wales..I normally only sneeze that much after copious amounts of red wine. :(

Friends are high on my list again this week. Carmen deserves a special mention for a) her lovely email and b)her link on FB to the "purple song".
Others have sent me funny and/or "instructive" emails, kept me occupied via text (so sad that they stopped me doing any of the "h" word) and generally cheered me up by phoning and chatting.

Things to look forward to this weekend:
Demo day and "Make & Take" with Lindsay Mason at A Maze of Memories on Saturday.
Man Utd v Chelsea (actually I'm in two minds as to whether I am looking forward to this) and Indy Car race on Sunday.

Music of the week:
"Called Out in the Dark" by Snow Patrol - great song and video with the rather lovely Jack Davenport..sigh..

Question of the week:
Why, in films and on TV can women go to bed wearing full make up and get up the next morning without a smudge?  When I do it I wake up looking like a Panda.

I think that's it for this week, so I'm off to check in with Virginia.


craftattack said...

Glad you had such a wonderful weekend in Wales, the hotel looks great. Your weeks sounds like it was satsifactory, too, except, perhaps, for the scare with your card! Take care, and have a good weekend, Valerie

Joanna said...

Great week, Sue! The hotel looks gorgeous, as does Max. Boo to nasty people using your card details, hee hee to your red face talking about your purchases!

Enjoy your demo day on Saturday, and I'll check out the Snow Patrol video with JD............

Further to fully made up waking women, I can never understand how they go into full kissing without brushing their teeth - don't they have bed breath?! Ugh!! Or maybe that's just something that bothers me.

Have a great weekend, Sue. Hope the cold shuffles off quickly.


Shame you got a cold (I have just got my back to school cold too, grrrr).

Clarky J said...

Sounds like a fab couple of days away Susie and how great for d's employers to recognise the loyalty - thats a rarity these days. hope the weekend is filled with love, fun and laughter x

Clarky J said...

ps hope you feel much better soon x

Carmen said...

You're going to Ally Pally? Oh noessssss! The first time in a couple of years that I'm NOT going :( Broker than broke after the move. Maybe meet up with you for a natter in April?

By toys... I take it we are not talking transformers and barbies eh? Bwahahahaha! You are amazing Susie! I love that you have the ability to make me snort with laughter when you are telling me about bad news!

P.s you are welcome with the emails - you do the same for me ;)

Virginia said...

Oh that had me a giggling quite a lot, the hotel looks gorgeous, so glad you enjoyed your break away and how lovely of DH work to note his loyalty and reward it in such a way! WTG Max for being friendly to all the Welsh people he came across.

Now this M&S conversation - toys - giggle - you made me laugh out loud and then I thought - no perhaps some other kind of toys and then I thought - red faced - possibly not giggle - glad M&S identified the issue and contacted you, strangely enough my M&S card had it's details stolen a few years ago and they too contacted me to ask - can't tell if they are good at card security or whether card security is an issue with them?

so sorry you've come home with a cold, I've had a hacking cough for two weeks and it's driving me insane - be glad to get rid of!

Have a beautiful and blessed weekend


Plush Possum Studio said...

My goodness! you certainly haven't found life dull of late, have you? Sure hope your card disaster gets checked into thoroughly enough for your peace of mind and security.
Thanks for all your sweet comments of late. We possums appreciate the time taken.
As for the hotel, with its cottage, garden, etc. we'll take two and call you in the morning! What a lovely spot--you fortunate two, you!!!
Best wishes on the match w your football team.
Too bad you couldn't be sneezing owing to red wine, instead of that nasty cold! I recommend elderberry. In some places it is called "Sambuca" or "Sambucol". Our youngest prefers a product with a funny name, "Umcka" (I guess I spelled that correctly).
Now you have nice memories of your hotel experience, hung about with facial tissues. Nature can have a funny sense of humor at times....
Hope you'll enjoy your weekend regardless!
Great post

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous place in Wales, i am glad you enjoyed it. sorry to hear you brought a cold back :(
Love your little bits and bobs on here as always and ....your q of the week did make me smile, thats so right, also my sister and i have been know to fall asleep drunk, wake up the next morn,my hair and makeup makes me look like a demented panda with a candy floss for a hat, Mandy my sis always wakes up with hair and makeup ... perfect !! grrrrrr

Daniella said...

WOW! That whole trip sounds grand!! With a few exceptions :(

I love your end of the post. Things to look forward to, Good for you!!
Music of the week, awesome
and yes. That tv/movie makeup thing is just stupid. Not only is their make up perfect, but their hair is perfect! ugh.

Hi I'm Maria... said...

fab list sue, and WOW sounds as if you had a fab few days away, hope your crafty saturday went well too...xx

sorry to hear about your card, at least it was picked up, (I check all my accounts twice a week as am worried about them being scammed, we've got 11 between us, the business and steven, keeps me busy, but worth it for a peace of mind)...

hope you are feeling better soon...xx

maria xx