Friday, 30 July 2010

What's Rocking My World Friday

Greetings fellow Rockettes!
Time to kick back and reflect again about the past week and what a week it's been.
First I am grateful to my friends Carole and Gill (and to Stephanie Meyer who wrote them!) for introducing me to the world of Twilight (see previous post as to how obsessed I've become). Books 1-3 kept me happy fromTuesday lunchtime, through nauseous Weds and Thursday morning. Book 4 has now arrived and is waiting for me..sigh. Plus the DVDs arrive tomorrow (I hope!).

I am grateful to my friend Pat who took me to A Maze of Memories this afternoon for two peaceful hours of cropping - bliss.

The deli/farm shop near the craft centre also made me happy today - they sell wonderful meringues. I thought the capuccino was great but today's mango,passion fruit and tangerine ripple was out of this world. Of course the real reason we buy them is because they are tied up with ribbon that we can recycle on our LOs and not because we're greedy!

My son actually managed to phone me today - he'll be home on Tuesday with his girlfriend, so I'll get to see him for, ooh, 3 days before he heads back to Bristol to move into their new house - all 10 of them (doesn't bear thinking about as I remember student houses from my own Uni days).

A short list but a positive one today - short because the sooner I get the fish pie made for dinner and walk Max, the sooner I can start "Breaking Dawn".
Until next week...hugs and sparkles,
Sue xx


Virginia said...

Loving the short list Sue - never managed the Twilight books or films (despite my sister buying me the books) completely hooked on Charlaine Harris - Sookie Stackhouse books and now the Black Dagger Brotherhood - completely adult reading and apparently dark fantasy - according to the local Waterstones - but to me Vampires are Vampires whatever there enjoyment!

So glad you joined in - have an amazing weekend! Hugs

Hi I'm Maria... said...

LOL with the books, you're as bad as carole, jackie and gill, lol...

fab list...

maria x

jan said...

enjoy your reading Sue, glad you had time-out at AMOM, enjoy Nicholas' visits, very precious, Jan xx

DGgirl said...

Hi Susie, How lovely to have a partner in crime who appreciates Edward in all his glory. Haven't read Breaking Dawn yet - will wait until in comes out in paperback later this month. Saw Eclipse last night but now prefer to remain in the realsm of the printed word!!

Have a good week!