Friday, 2 July 2010

ATC Swap - July

Hi girls!
As you know some of our members have ,sadly, had to drop out for a while.
Below is the revised list - we're down to 9 participants - me plus the  8  people who emailed to say they wanted to continue.

This month's theme has been set by Bev and it's another good one...

Favourite Holiday Destinations

SusieJ to Val
Val to Alma
Alma to Carole
Carole to Karen
Karen to Donna
Donna to Fiona
Fiona to Maria
Maria to Bev
Bev to SusieJ

Have fun! And remember you only need to make one ATC but are welcome to make more and send the extras out randomly.

A participant has suggested putting out  the list of themes for the rest of the year so people know what's coming up and can make the ATCs at leisure/in advance. Please let me know what you think.
If that's what everyone wants I'll allocate months to people and will co-ordinate the responses.
Sue xx


Hi I'm Maria... said...

great theme bev and yes might be a good idea to know what's theme is coming...

maybe you could keep the list of theme's sue, then if anyone wants it they can mail you, but if they like it still to be a surprize then they don't (hope you understand what I mean, lol)...

thanks for doing this sue and hope you're doing OK today...

maria x

craftattack said...

Hi Sue, thanks for letting us know and arranging it all! Hugs, Valerie-Jael

Carole said...

Thanks again for arranging this Sue! I don't mind either way about knowing in advance or finding out the theme each month, I'm happy to go with the majority!
Hugs - Carole xxx

fionakeel said...

Hi Suzi thanks for continuing this very enjoyable swap, i don't mind some months sending an extra ATC out, if that helps the list work, hugs, Fi xxx

fionakeel said...

hi Suzi, hope this comment gets thru, thanks for doing this very enjoyable swap, would be happy to do some extra ATCs to make up the odd number some months, Fi xxx

Bev said...

Hiya Sue - yours has gone in the post today! Bev xxx