Friday, 23 July 2010

Rocking My World Friday

Time to reflect on the week just gone (at great speed again!) and I'm grateful for this thinking pause - time to act and not just react.

First thing I'm grateful for is my DS who is now 21 - he was a tiny scrap when born but is now towering over me at 6ft+. The champagne is still in the fridge to share  - enjoy your time with Vicky in Kent.

I'm also grateful for the authors who have entertained me this week - a missing mojo and draining humidity and heat have combined to leave me feeling limp and uncreative. I've been able to sit back and lose myself in some light and funny novels. OH is not impressed with my latest read though - as the weather has cooled I've gone back to my first love and am now reading "Five Ways to Kill a Man" by Alex Gray - he asked if I was hinting!

I am grateful to the weather in that it has allowed me to tackle the washing mountain - it is no more, it has disappeared and everything is ready to go back to Bristol when needed. Shame the same can't be said for the ironing basket...but that's for next week!

I'm grateful for my luck which this week has been good. Pat phoned me on Monday to say I'd won a prize in the AMOM b'day draw. She chose for me and I'll see what it is tonight. Yesterday I found I'd won a customised mini album from Ally on WeScrap - I've chosen "Soccer" as I have some fun photos for that. Thank you you lovely people!

And finally... tonight I'm going to an evening crop at A Maze of Memories - four hours of scrapping, gossip and goodies. Bliss! I have my photos and supplies sorted and I even know what I'm going to do with them!!

Hope your week has been good to you.
Sue xx


SueB said...

What a fab list Susie! And a four hour crop sounds total bliss! I hope you have a wonderful time and I look forward to seeing your beautiful layouts!
Suzie xxxx :)

Carole said...

Great list Sue, as usual! I'm so glad that your washing mountain has vanished, even if not your ironing mountain (did mine yesterday!!!)

Well done on all your good luck, and enjoy your crop and your weekend!

Hugs - Carole xxx

Jo said...

Ahhhh, a nice calm list today Susie! Gosh, a 21 year old son, what's it like having to share him with his girlfriend? Enjoy your crop tonight, sounds fun! What's the betting you don't do what you've carefully planned?! xx

SusieJ said...

Thanks girls! Jo - it's really weird seeing him hugging and kissing "another woman", nice as she is.
Odds on I don't do what I've planned!lol

Myzdamena's World said...

Lovely list :)

Yeay to the no more washing... as for the ironing I can't comment.... I last had my board out 2 years ago.... no joke hehe


Gail x

Virginia said...

Sue I'm loving that list of gratefuls and four hours to sit and play - sheer bliss! I'm also absorbed in book reading - much to dear hubby's amusement - he's spent years encouraging me to get back to my roots and start reading again - these days he has all on getting a word in whilst i'm so absorbed - tee hee!

Hope you have a great night tonight


Carmen said...

Ironing? Are you mad? :P Surely there is wobble room left in the pile yet? ;)

Love that you've been catching up on your reading - just what I've been doing too.

craftattack said...

Glad your week was sooooo positive, well done on the things you have won! Hugs,
PS Thanks for the ATC and tags, letter on it's way to you!

Hi I'm Maria... said...

another fab list sue...

and have fun tonight, cannot wait to see your LOs...

maria x

DGgirl said...

Another fab list Sue and hope you had a great time at AMOM - an't wait to see the products of your labours!!!