Friday, 16 July 2010

Rocking My World Friday

Can't believe it's Friday again - some of my meds have days on the packaging (in case you forget whether you've taken them or not - I think - well that's what I use them for!) and I start panicking about Weds. when I realise how fast the week is going by.

Today I am thankful for this chance to just sit and reflect - I was getting wound up and feeling resentful at the washing mountain DS has brought home - I've taken a few deep breaths and told myself to ease up - it doesn't all have to be done today ..or even this week. I know some of you will say he should be doing this himself.. and yes he probably should.. but the sight of it all on his floor was making me edgy and the past two days have been great drying days. I don't normally mind the washing, it's the ironing I I don't do it!!

I am thankful for my DS who has kept me supplied with hugs and coffee - even if the fact he turns 21 on Sunday is making me feel old. Don't know how long he's home for as his girlfriend will be back from Majorca on Monday - so he may be off to the wilds of Kent. I'm making the most of him while I can.

WeScrap, as always, for setting challenges and stretching my comfort zone. Also for the fabulous kit that arrived this week (my prize) - note to self:take photo and post it on blog!

Pat's friend Pam who organised our visit to Le Touquet. We had a great day out and managed some stash buying - mainly magazines but also buttons and thread - I'm grateful that French high streets aren't as uniform as ours and that they still have small independent shops like the haberdashery we came across. I'm sure there are towns like that still in England but  not round here.

A short list this week but I've had a few bad days this week so haven't been out and about much.

Must just mention Max though as he made me laugh this lunchtime. DS came into the kitchen complaining that Max had peed on his foot. Asked how that had happened and he'd been standing next to a post in the garden - told him he should have had more sense than to stand next to a post. He then asked if that was all I was going to do? and went away muttering about "knowing who the favourite is in this house". Priceless!!


Virginia said...

HI Susie

Loving your list this week - I think deep breaths on the washing front are called for - it doesn't have to be done in a hurry you need to find somewhere to hide it whilst it's a work in progress then you don't have to keep 'seeing it' in situ waiting to be dealt with!

There are such little towns with independents in them - I know how few we have in our town centre - and the shopping centres are simply repeated all over the country, we were blessed with a few of these towns with gorgeous little shops when we were in the Lake District I can highly recommend Keswick and Ambleside for have a flair of different about them and a craving for getting our British towns back to being great shopping places where towns vary from town to town! Mary Queen of Shops can keep her latest series rolling for me - if she'd like to hit our local town and bang some heads together on the council she might be able to turn it around!

Anyway off my soap box now (honest) off to carry on painting - not the crafting kind - great big areas of emulsion - just having a quick coffee break tee hee!

Have a great weekend!

Carmen said...

LOL! Our Cooper did that to my middle DD last walk we went on. I also didn't tell him off!

DGgirl said...

Hi Susie

Thanks for making me smile with the story of Max and your DS - so funny, so real and sooooo true. Pets come first in our house a lot of the time, otherwise why would one cat take up half of a king size bed?!!!!!

Read yur post about your visit to Le Touquet and it looked so fab you lucky thing!


Hi I'm Maria... said...

fab list sue, and what DS said about max was price, lol...

maria x

Carole said...

Great list again - but Max should've been at the top!!! LOL. Don't stress about DS's washing - if it was urgent he would have picked it up and put it in the laundry basket (that's what I tell myself anyway when the same happens here!) You should also add that you have actually had drying days this week, we've had rain rain rain!

Happy Birthday to DS on Sunday, and congratulations to you for raising a lovely son (even if he doesn't do his own washing)!

Hugs - Carole xxx

Jo said...

Great list today, Susie. The DS/Max incident made me laugh outloud - it's taken all this time for DS to realise where he is in the pecking order???!!!! Enjoy your weekend, x

islandjacquelin said...

Love your list and your blog!!! You rock chickie!!!!!!

jan said...

lovely list Sue, and made me smile with DS/Max incident, aah. Enjoy DS 21st birthday tomorrow, have fun, Jan x