Friday, 2 July 2010

Rocking My World Friday

A little late but it is still Friday .

This week I am grateful for my DS - he's disappeared back to Bristol, to clear out his flat ,but not before making me a Banoffee pie - yum!!!

As always - my friends - for cropping with me, gossiping with me, having coffee with me, sending me funnies on a Wednesday to make me laugh...thank you all.

Max (our beloved dog) for the reception he gave Pat when she called on Weds. evening - honestly you'd think he was human - paw over her arm, head on her shoulder gazing into her eyes..all this after almost knocking her over in his keenness to get to her and trying to lick her to death - showed me the true meaning of love and affection.

Scrapinette in France for sending our stash parcel so quickly - only took two days and the papers etc were truly yummy!!

WeScrap (where I won the June Challenge prize - their April Kit called "Grandma's Attic) for keeping me busy - we've just embarked on a 28 day Fabulous Photo competition. The first prompt was a Canadian flag (July 1st is Canada Day) - this saw me scouring the estate for England flags for my photo whilst walking Max. Found a great one that had been tied to the top of a very tall tree - I presume that's why it still hasn't been taken down.

And finally all the jokes on the internet about the England football tree - kept me laughing for most of the week.


Carole said...

Another week with lots to be thankful for Sue! I wholeheartedly agree with being thankful for Banoffee pie and for Max! Also for stash and friends! What a great list, love it!

Hugs - Carole xxx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

another good list sue...

it does make you think of what we have around us, but don't always appreciate...

maria x

jan said...

lovely list Sue, and certainly makes me re-appreciate close family and friends, nature,stash and other things too. Jan xx

Virginia said...

Love your Rocking your world Friday - having a quick blog hop between bouts of ironing!

Hope you're having a great Saturday