Thursday, 29 July 2010

"Resistance is Futile" (the Borg)

Oh yes - this Borg quote (Star Trek The Next Generation) is sooooo true!
I should have known better - I resisted Harry Potter, I wasn't going to get sucked in to the Media hype - oh no ,I was beyond all that - until I caved in and read the first two books - after that I was queuing at midnight outside our local bookshop to get the new releases and  fighting my DS for who would get first read. We also have all the films on DVD.
So what was I expecting when I said I wouldn't get sucked in to the Twilight furore?
I did resist until one night when there was nothing on TV we wanted to see and we watched "Twilight" - fair enough it was an OK film but little did I know what would follow...

Having cleared the book mountain in my bedroom I was left with only a few books to read, so I asked for suggestions as to what I should get next. The overwhelming opinion (thanks Carole!) was the Twilight books... I dithered, and then thought "s*d it!" I'll order them.
The first three books arrived on Tuesday (boobed with book 4 but have since rectified and it's arriving tomorrow)  '...I have now read them and I am hooked..oh boy am I hooked! I have lost myself in these books to the extent it's hard coming away from them and getting back to the real world - I'm living through everything that happens to Bella - I literally feel her pain and OMG isn't Edward to die for? (disregard the fact I'm not only old enough to be his mother but also his grandmother).
These books were written for teenage girls apparently (well, I still feel 17 inside) and some critics have been snotty about adult women reading them and becoming fans - so what? We're reading aren't we along with numerous teenage girls? If only someone would write such gripping books for teenage boys (you can tell I'm Mum to a boy can't you?!).

I am sooooTeam Edward!
I've also ordered "New Moon" on DVD -will most likely watch on my own as I cried buckets over the book.

Enough for now - I'm hopefully going to have sweet dreams tonight.
Sue xx


sue-bubbles said...

Thankfully, the twilight thing doesnt sound my cup of tea so I WILL resist those...unlike my efforts to resist all things facebook! I do hope you have sweet dreams Sue...again unlike me as I worry about my fresh fruit salad going off lol!
Sue x

{Sarah} said...

OOOh, I don't know what team I'm on LOL. Holly and I just saw Eclipse and it was the BEST one so far. Neither of us thought we'd get sucked into this cult either but we love it LOL!

Myzdamena's World said...

I'm team jacob

..although I do wish he'd kept the long hair *sulk*


DGgirl said...

Hi Susie

Sigh - a woman after my own heart. Don't need to add anything else - you read my post alst week LOL!!!!! I'm not totally convinced that teenage girls appreciate Edward in all his splendour - takes the mature woman!


jackie(worcs) said...

Pleased to hear you enjoyed the books Susie! I 'think' Im Team Edward..but Jacob is soooo cute...and the vampires in Eclipse are pretty hot too!...LOL.
Jackie :-)