Wednesday, 16 June 2010

What do you think of it so far?

The World Cup that is?
I'm distinctly underwhelmed!
Best moment so far?
New Zealand equalising in the 93rd minute to gain their first ever point at a World Cup. They don't even have a professional league in NZ - so , well done to them.
Worst moment?
Germany beating Australia 4 - 0.

On the crafting front I haven't done a lot. Didn't get to go cropping on Saturday - my stomach had one of its' occasional revolts at the amount of meds I have to a quiet afternoon at home it was.
I've been playing with tags and making cards since then..Father's Day, b'day (OH - same day as Father's Day).
Can't show them yet as people might peek!

All being well I shall be spending all day Saturday at A Maze of Memories for a "Stashbuster" session. I've already sorted papers etc. for three projects and have just had an idea for a fourth. It's all in the planning!

Managed a long chat to DS last night - he'll be home sometime he assures me! He'll have to at some point as he has a month without accommodation between lets.
Just hope the washing mountain isn't too big!lol

Bye for now.
Sue xx


Hi I'm Maria... said...

sorry to hear you've not been good sue, sending you tons of sparkles...

as for the footy, only been watching the 2nd half of the evening games (after stevens in bed) oh dear another goal for Uruguay, ouch to South Africa...

maria x

SueB said...

Hi Sue!

Yes, not much excitment so far, I would have to agree, it does'nt feel like the World cup at all!

Really sorry to hear you've not been well, everything crossed you start to feel better soon. Sending zillions of sparkles for that :)

Good news about all your planned crafting though, that sounds fab!

Fingers and toes crossed your lovely son is home soon for a visit, without the washing though, lol!

Suzie xxxxx :)