Friday, 18 June 2010

Rocking My World Friday

After the disappointment of not getting to crop last Saturday the rest of the week has been OK on the whole. I still "lost" Wednesday as far as anything energetic was concerned but managed some gentle crafting.

This week I'm thankful for my son - I managed a long chat with him and he's coming home - sometime soon! I'm looking forward to that as we haven't seen him since Easter. He's all grown up and fairly sensible so we've obviously done s'thing right in the raising of him.
Thanks to my "crafty" friends who visit my blog and leave encouraging comments, especially those who make me laugh (in a good way)...Carole and Maria (btw the paperback dried out in the airing cupboard and I managed to read it ..curled pages and all!)
I'm thankful for the WeScrap website whose fellow members encourage and inspire me even when I'm not feeling particularly creative.
I must mention the World Cup - I know a lot of you will be fed up with football but for those of us who sometimes watch daytime TV (I have to watch as I iron to relieve the it has made a pleasant change to the usual programmes about antiques/houses/cooking. Can't forgive the BBC for not getting Leonardo as a pundit - sorry guys but Shearer et al can't compete!
A Maze of Memories gets a mention too - their Stashbusters Day tomorrow will give me at least 6 hours crafting uninterrupted by requests for coffee, food or walkies.
Happiness too from the organisers of the very first "Thame Art and Literature Festival". I've managed to get tickets for "Tea with the Romantics" on Saturday 26th. I'll get to meet and hear five authors , including two of my favourites, Katie Fford and Judy Astley - if you've never read them.. it's superior chick-lit with lots of humour (some of it laugh out loud).Pat will be with me for this..a glass of bubbly and afternoon tea - bliss!
That's about it from my world this week - just  going to see if Sebia are still leading against Germany...
Sue xx


DGgirl said...

Hi Sue

Love your list and well done on getting the WRYF logo up!!

BAH to football!!!


Virginia said...

I love your Rocking Your World Friday Sue especially about the idea of you ironing to the World Cup - I can never be doing with daytime TV but I sooooooooo get the boredom with ironing bit so to be honest I always put on one of the Harry Potter films - can't remember the last time I actually saw the pictures - but I know the scripts pretty much word for word LOL!

Hope you have a good weekend!


tea_bag said...

Now I need to ask this why was your book wet ? After drying it out I do hope it was a good read? So glad you are going to see your son soon Been seeing a lot more of both my sons lately and loving seeing them Hugs alma xx

SusieJ said...

Alma see my post for 10th June!lol
Sue xx

Carole said...

But I prefered the book sopping wet, it made me laugh! Crispy and crinkly pages aren't nearly as amusing!!!
Glad that you get to see your baby soon, glad that you got some crafting done and really glad that I make you laugh (I think!!!) Sorry that you are probably disappointed with the football :( and also that your Wednesdays are pants - I shall have to think of a joke to send you each Wednesday to cheer you up!
Carole xxx

Jo said...

Hi Sue, a lovely list this Friday. Personally I can't iron without watching Jeremy Kyle - he's my grubby little secret. And the performance of England on the football field has led to me spending more time creating! Good news to hear your grown up baby boy is coming home soon. Enjoy your weekend, xx

Carmen said...

Daytime telly sucks but at the moment I am bombarded with hours and hours and HOURS of a Mister Tumble DVD so anything different would be a relief at the moment :P I watch my Bette Davis dvds when I iron ;)

Hi I'm Maria... said...

fab list sue...

and so pleased DS is coming home soon (fingers crossed 'without' the washing)...

have a fab crafting day tomorrow...

maria x