Friday, 25 June 2010

Rocking My World Friday

So what's rocking my world today? boy is home!!! We collected him from Oxford station on Sunday and it's been soooo nice to see him. Someone to watch the football with - he's really good company. Don't know how long he's staying so making the most of it.

The World Cup which has given me s'thing to watch as I haven't been able to do any crafting - I thought the nice heat would help but noooooo - my hands have been playing up.

The England football and cricket teams who both managed to win this week (think the rugby team may have won too?)

Mills and Boon whose light books are the only things I've been capable of reading this week in my doped up state. My little guilty secret - I found a stack of Christmas collections (at least three years old) when I finally finished sorting the book mountain in the bedroom - I used to keep a selection for days/weeks such as this when I can't concentrate properly but obviously haven't needed them for a while. I can read them in a couple of hours so don't feel guilty about "rotting my brain" for too long.

A Maze of Memories for hosting a fabulous "Stashbusters" day last Saturday - I did use a lot of stash and had fun with friends.

The sun and heat which have provided the ideal excuse for NOT  tackling the "h" and "i" words - they'll still be there when it's raining and cold again. Good job I'm not houseproud.

And finally...the lovely Gill who has set up a group on Facebook so I am now back in contact with my docrafts friends. I've missed them!


SueB said...

Awww Susie, this is such a lovely list, sorry to hear your hands are still play up, I hope they start to feel better soon :)

The FB group is fab Sue, and it's a great way for us all to stay more in contact too. We've really missed you on the forum :( so this is just perfect :) Well done Gill!

Have a great week-end Susie!

Suzie xxxxx :)

Clarky J said...

What a fab list Susie although Im afraid I cannot share your love of football! I do however know the coming home feling of sons its lovel to welcome them home again xx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

all sounds fab sue, sorry to hear you're still not good, sending you lots of sparkles so you can craft again soon...

maria x

DGgirl said...

Hi Sue

Sorry to hear that you're still not feeling so very great. However, how lovely to have your boy back home again - not a feeling like it in the world. World Cup - no comment!!!!!!!!!!LOL

Glad you found the F/B group - just a bit of fun and the more the merrier is what I say!

Take care


Carole said...

Another great list Sue! I'm really glad about all the things you are glad about, but really sorry to hear that your hands are playing up and stopping you crafting.

But Mills & Boon?!!!!!!!!!!! I can remember my Nanna reading those little books! I'm all for a bit of light entertainment - you go for it!

Hugs - Carole xxx