Monday, 7 June 2010

Lost Under a Mountain of Books.

Sorry I haven't blogged for a few days but the reason will become clear.

I had a great time doing the Heritage class on Saturday at A Maze of Memories- did a LO using some of the few photos we have of OH's childhood. It was good to catch up with Jan and Diane too. No photo as yet as I still have to do the title - and no I really haven't had time.

OH started complaining about the piles of books at my side of the bed and I had to agree - I was having to climb over them to get in and out of bed - this despite having eight shelves to store them on. Unfortunately the shelves were not only full but seven of them had two rows of books on.
Soooo... I bit the bullet and decided to have a sort out...two afternoons later...I have a pile of books in DS's room for the charity shop...I have a pile to pass on to Pat....I have a pile to pass on to family..I have a pile to go in the loft...the bedroom is a mess and I still have piles to sort out and already know they're not going to fit on the shelves. Help!!
At one time I NEVER got rid of books but since I read at least four a week I had to start. I now only hang on to crime novels and  French books...but still haven't enough room.
Agatha Christie and Dorothy L. Sayers (full collections of each) are being relegated to the loft.. Elizabeth George is going to the charity shop...who else can I bear to part with?

No-one really so more are going to have to go into the loft....
Hopefully by the end of the week I'll be sorted..if you don't hear from me send out a search party.

The worst of it is that I have books in all the rooms in the house and sent 13 boxes to a charity shop only a couple of years ago...add to that all OH's & DS's books and I reckon we could start a library.

Plus with all the time I'm spending on this the rest of the house is getting no attention...and will no doubt need sorting and I really hate housework!!


Jo said...

Aha, a fellow book hoarder! I've got so many still to read, but can't help myself trawling through the charity shops for more, more, MORE!!! My DH never used to read, but I've dragged him into my world, and the other day noted a neat stack of 7 next to his side of the bed! You do realise that there's no hope for you, don't you? Once the book bug has bitten, you're lost. Good luck in your hopeless mission......xx

jan said...

Hi Sue, good to see you and Diane too on Saturday. Fellow book reader here, just think of the joy of reading you bring to me and others who buy from the charity shops. Jan x