Friday, 11 June 2010

Rocking my World Friday

First on my list this week is OH who was brilliant when I felt really ill on Wednesday (Weds. are getting worse - the meds are supposed to help my arthritis - but I'm hating the side effects).

Today the sun has appeared after a week of rain - I might finally get to wash the bedroom curtains. They've been down since Monday  - keep forgetting so may well have frightened/entertained the neighbours.

The World Cup starts today - 18 uninterrupted days of football  (until the first day off) - yay!!!

I'm going cropping tomorrow at A Maze of Memories and there's a new farm shop opened up nearby that I'm looking forward to exploring.

And finally Max who has kept me company and entertained us - he is now 8 (middle-aged in doggy years) but was bouncing/running/ gambolling last night like a puppy.:) Special hugs Max.



Hi Sue
So glad you are feeling much better and have a lovely day out tomorrow,
take care
Hugs Dianne xx :)

Heavens2Betsy said...

Just called by from Virginia's. Love your WRYWF list - your curtains comment made me guffaw! I hope you are feeling better and get to have fun over the weekend. Penny

Carmen said...

Erm, yeah - I'm not so thankful about the footie ;) I'll be hiding in the back room tonight with my paints while OH commandeers the TV.

I wonder what the neaighbours saw! :D

DGgirl said...


Have tried to join your merry band - good therapy methinks. Let me know what you think?


Virginia said...

Thank you for joining in - two new faces on the list today - an absolute pleasure to find someone elses rocking your world! Love the idea of taking curtains down, I've finally got bedding washed - hadn't dared earlier in the week due to the atrocious weather! Hope you are having a great day!



SueB said...

Hi Susie, sorry to hear you've not been well, sending you zillions of lovely sparkles!
Hope you enjoy the football Sue, that and stash, hey Sue, sounds like your idea of perfect heaven, lol!
Have fun at the crop and lots of kisses to Max :)
Suzie xxxxx :)

DGgirl said...

Hi Sue

So glad to hear you're feeling better. Have joined in with WRYWF. I think it'll be excellent therapy. Got a lovely comment from Virginia.


DGgirl said...

p.s. My verification word for ab=ve was "noweep" - how spooky is that!!!


Jo said...

Aw sorry to hear you been feeling poorly - hope you feel brighter now. As for the curtains - your neighbours have gotta have something to watch while the football's on....! Give Max a kiss from me, he sounds gorgeous - our Rosie Mae is 13+ (rescue girl so all a bit vague) and she constantly surprises us with her puppy-like antics. Enjoy your weekend, x

DGgirl said...


About getting the WRYWF logo on your posts. Go to my blog
RIGHT click on WRYWF logo
Save picture - I usually save it to desktop
Do a blog post as normal and just insert the logo at top of post

Hope this all makes sense LOL!!! Thanks for the kind comments.


SusieJ said...

Thanks Gill - will try that.
Sue xx

Clarky J said...

Fabulous list Susie x Sorry I have taken till now to visit!

tyroneb said...

The shortest answer is doing. ............................................................

Hi I'm Maria... said...

sorry to hear you've not been too good sue, sending you tons of sparkles...

and enjoy your crop and farm shopping, both sound great...

maria x