Saturday, 29 October 2011

What's Rocking My World is still just Friday..

This post comes to you courtesy (well, not really...I've had to pay for Internet access) of a Premier Inn in the NE of England...they won't let me reveal the exact location for security reasons...

Before I start my list we have a winner of my birthday giveaway!!! My random number generator (aka Sir or He who must be obeyed...yes, he nabbed that before I could) chose congrats to'll be getting a parcel in the post next week :).

And talking of parcels.....Max apparently received a parcel today..much to the bemusement of DH. Having read Penny's blog today I think I know who it's from - thank you Joanna!! Max sends lots of doggy licks...not only to your hands and face but also your ears (the ear licks are reserved for very special people). The mouth licks are reserved for me..usually at 6 in the morning..bleugh!

So, onto my gratefuls...
Old friends are first. I was taken out for a meal tonight by family friends that I hadn't seen for about three years as Doris has been battling leukaemia and wasn't well enough to make Dad's funeral. Good food, good company and lots of chat....perfect!

Parcels...for me this time! Two prizes arrived on kit  from WeScrap in USA and the art journalling DVD from Scrap 365 (this was pretty good as I only emailed them my address late on Mon evening). Haven't had time to do more than look at them yet.

Next are two of my favourite shops - Lush and Marks & Spencer who provided goodies for me to buy on Tuesday in Windsor. This winter I shall be wearing mainly purple...from top to toe and (after today) from the skin outwards. :)

I must mention Strictly...this year I wasn't going to get sucked in especially as  I was out at a crop the night of the first show....but....I succumbed and watched the second show..I was absolutely blown away by Jason Donovan. His performance was amazing for a first dance. Apparently he spent all day Saturday practising and deserved to least that's what ....shameless name dropping alert here......Brendan (Cole) said when I bumped into him in Waitrose  on the Sunday.
Anyway, the show is keeping me amused on Saturday and Sunday evenings.

Short break there whilst I amused the reception staff - went out for a last cigarette wearing my pj's (black flowery satin) and raincoat..this is as nothing to what they'll see tomorrow night when the Devil Mistress arrives back from the party..esp. since I found some earrings to complete the outfit...they're a bit OTT even for me.

Today I went to Dad's house for the first time since it was emptied -a really weird feeling seeing the rooms like that.

And now some confessions:
- I had to buy a birthday card for my nephew today...I know I'll be drummed out of the crafters' union but I totally did not have time to make one (ie. I forgot!!)

- I upgraded my phone on Tuesday and today I had to go into a phone shop to ask how to answer calls on it. I've been having to ring people back as I couldn't work out how to do it. How sad is that?! Apparently I have to "swipe" not "stab". And, yes, I had read the instruction book but answering calls wasn't mentioned.

I'm off now to link this to Virginia's post.

Look out for photos on Sunday. :)


craftattack said...

Sounds like a great week. Enjoy your birthday weekend away, and have fun!
Hugs, Valerie

Carmen said...

LOL - I couldn't work out how to ring people on my phone last week. It's Phoebes old one and not even remotely swanky or gadgety but could I figure it out?

Sounds like a lovely week - some lovely prizes there and good company.

Have a fabulous week coming.

Oh and - yes. Baking definitely, definitely counts as inspiring and creative so take pictures next time. Am definitely doing the monthly pinterest thing. I may even make a button and get people to link up. What d'ya reckon?

BadPenny said...

You sound upbeat ! Hope you enjoy your party - photos please ! xx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

fab list sue...

(hugs for you with going home, xx)

maria xx

Joanna said...

Brilliant Rocking post, Susie. I hope Max likes his little present from Rosie Mae (she and I had to sit down and have a little chat about sharing, you know how it is. She really didn't 'get it', but I managed to persuade her in the end). The Art Journaling dvd came really quickly - I've never known that happen before from magazine wins. They are eager to please! The dvd looks fab, let me know how you get on (I might even treat myself to it one of these days). Ha ha to the phone - ask a passing 10 year old, they'll soon tell you how it works!


Virginia said...

Fabulous post Susie and having seen the piccie of you in the red outfit on facebook - I know you looked awesome!

Is this a literal purple that you'll be wearing this season?

the goodies through the post look fabulous!

I haven't succumbed to strictly but unfortunately we've ended up with the X Factor bug LOL!

Don't stress about buying birthday cards, sometimes it's just easier, I know a lot of crafters who refuse point blank to make cards as they are too busy LOL!

And giggled at your swipe/stab issue with phone - I soooooooooo know that feeling - mine too is a swipe and usually because my fingers are cold it doesn't register the swipe - so it gets stabbed LOL

Hope your week has been great,