Friday, 21 October 2011

What's Rocking My World Friday - normal(ish) service has been resumed

My first grateful of the week has to be online friends.
Thank you so much to all of you who emailed me, texted me, left supportive messages on my blog or messaged me on other forums - I am so lucky to have you in my life.
Your support, advice, offers of help.....well, they made me cry, but in a good way. Thank you so much. I love you all.

Next up is the boy. He's taken everything in his stride, despite being somewhat bemused (and busy with his dissertation).  

Max has played his part taking me for long, convoluted walks (and yes, it is him taking me for walks, as anyone who has met us knows!) . We've made some new doggy friends this week including a beautiful, lively 4 month old called Anya. She's a breed I'd never heard of let alone seen - a Hamilton Hound. Swedish apparently and numbered only in their hundreds in the UK. Look out for her at Crufts.....I'd never spoken to a dog owner who shows at Crufts before..eek!

WeScrap deserves a mention for cheering me up too. I've managed to stay on track with the Fall contest (I really would love to win the Vagabond machine but enjoy the peace and quiet that my scrapping brings) and found out on Thursday that I'd won the September challenges....yay! Yummy new kit on its' way to me as I type. :)

Pinterest has kept me busy and I made the Cinnamon Roll Cake this week. Very nice it was too..but a little on the large side for two people...I'll halve the recipe in future.  Next up is "Black Magic Cake".....allegedly (yes, "Have I got News for You" is back!!) the best chocolate cake ever.....I'll report back.

Amazon is next for continuing their 70% off jewellery sale....think I've sorted almost all the "female" presents on my list. :)

Bookstrand for keeping me supplied with books for my Kindle..

Bestest news of all...I'm going away...on my a hotel next weekend. I'm off up to the NE to visit family and to attend a surprise Halloween party.
The costume has been sorted and is in the post.
What fun (?) I had finding it. Lots and lots to choose from (even Amazon sells them).
Two problems emerged....1.since full length costumes touched the floor on the models.....they'd swamp me. 2. the costumes that had straps (I'm always afraid strapless will lead to a "wardrobe malfunction") were all very  that discounted the....Victorian Vampire, Fallen Angel (complete with wings and black halo!), Bride of Dracula....
I'm going as a Red Devil....slinky red dress, red hold ups, horns and a trident that is also a crop (?)
Note here for Carmen...I did toy with the idea of Miss Whiplash but decided my height and curves didn't quite match the vinyl catsuit. :)

Carmen is organising  Secret Santa for us bloggers.....I'm stalking my victim already!

I'm still planning on doing NaNoWriMo next month. I'm completing my profile and just need to put in details of what I'm writing. Once Nov. 1st is here there'll be a link to my page on the site and those who want to (yes, there are people mad enough) will be able to read my efforts.

An update. Lots of talking (that should have been done years ago) has taken place and things have settled somewhat. Changes may still take place but not without calm reflection (next weekend will provide time for that).
Monday is our 30th wedding anniversary and Tuesday is my 21st (and a bit, just don't ask how big the bit is!lol) birthday so we have things to look forward to.

Finally, thanks to the friend who "rescued" me when this all kicked off. I'll thank you properly when we next meet. :)


Joanna said...

Hi Susie, so glad to hear that things at home have calmed down and, while there are decisions have still to be made, you are both in a better state of mind to make them. Your time away will be good for both of you to have a little space and maybe a clearer perspective of life. Photo please of you in costume.....;o)

Lots of goodies in your list this week, Susie. Happy Birthday for Tuesday!!


K said...

I'm glad you felt upto posting hun, I was a tad concerned after your last blog post (((hugs)))

Cant wait to read your work in November & I'm sure everyone will say the same WE WANT PHOTOS OF YOU IN YOUR DEVIL OUTFIT, just needed to shout that to make sure you take note, lol. Isnt it awful when dresses etc are made to fit models i.e 5'8"+ I love leggings with the strap that at the bottom that goes under the foot, but they are always too long for me & end up looking like Nora Batties tights :-( Its a spiffing look.

The new craft I'll be trying is using a knitting machine. Its my Moms old one she had in the 80's & I havent even looked at the destruction book yet to see how it goes together. I havent the patience for hand knitting yet but want some hooded scarfs & long jumpers in non-fashion dictated colours/styles etc or cheaper than they're in the shops, so we'll see how I get on :-)

Virginia said...

ah Sweetie a beautiful list, I'm glad things are a little calmer and that the pace at which things change isn't feeling so imminent, communication is often the key to our lives at all junctions and I'm glad you have been able to use yours.

Giggled at your comment about the boy - I can only imagine!

Max is awesome for taking you for walks and providing a bit of new education on the way - never heard of a Hamilton Hound either!

Well done you for winning the WeScrap September challenge, you must have been over the moon!

I'm loving how you are using Pinterest to take on new recipes! Let us know how the Black Magic Cake goes.

I haven't seen the 70% off jewellery at Amazon - must check it out - did manage at 20% off Toys R Us last weekend - which saved some serious pennies!

The Red Devil costume sounds awesome - we will want to see pictures you know!

The Secret Santa is providing much brain searching at the moment but I'm still adamant that in some cases we'll be trying to guess our Santa LOL!!! Love that you are stalking your victim.

Can't wait to read some of your writing it sounds intriguing and daunting in equal measures!

Happy Birthday in advance for Tuesday

Biggest hugs


Joanna said...

Ooh, just spotted your swanky new blog background - it's GORGEOUS, dahlink!


craftattack said...

Love your new bloggy background, very beautiful! Glad you are feeling a bit more settled, and hugs to Max that he is taking you on such good walks. I am sure you will make a lovely red devil! Take care, and hope this will be a better, and calmer week for you.

Diane said...

I`m just a bit worried at which shop you bought the red devil costume .....anyway have a fab time and can`t wait to see photo`s !!

Big kiss for Max x

hugs Diane xx

love the new background....

Gina said...

Gorgeous new look :D Glad to here you have a much more positive outlook too. I've been with my hubby 29 years, and it can be a strain, I still worry about my boy at uni,where as hubby says let him get on with it and seems to forget he's still my baby :) Men! Can't live with em, but wouldn't have our boys without them haha :D XXX

Carmen said...

I have the opposite problem. At nearly 6' and with size 9 clodhoppers - I fear I look like a drag queen if i wear a dress or skirt and so haven't worn one in over a decade. I have promised Craig that will change when I get to goal weight although whether I'll wear one minus jeans underneath... I can't promise ;)Pictures please - definitely!

Am so pleased to read about things looking up. Some time away sounds just the ticket.

Cinammon cake sounds om nommy!

Have a lovely week Sue!

BadPenny said...

You sound happier, calmer, stronger which is great. Blogger friends can sometimes help where others can't I think as we are somewhat detatched & non judgemental mostly. Glad you had the support from us when you needed it.

I've joined you this week for What's Rocking my world !

Daniella said...

Oh my friend! I am so happy to see that you are doing better!! I don't know what was up, but you are back with your thankful list, so you are getting back to "normal" (whatever normal is!!).
And a halloween party too!! I'd love to see pictures!!
Be well!


Hi Sue
Thankyou for popping by and thanks for your best wishes hopefully things are getting sorted,glad everything is going ok for you and enjoy your fabulous weekend you have got planned,take care
Hugs Dianne xx :)