Monday, 10 October 2011

Return of the Mojo and NaNoWriMo

Yes, I really have done some crafting..... so thought I'd share.

First, a selection of cards for the crop on WeScrap...and for those who think I've gone over to the dark side, two of them are actually birthday cards:)

Next is a LO for the Fall Contest on WeScrap ( the one where you can win a Vagabond machine). We had to choose a LO in the gallery and do a sketchlift.

Here I am at Alexandra Palace. Important for two remember the day and to show that I do in fact have legs and do occasionally wear girly clothes. :)
I used a Creative Imaginations kit bought ages ago from QVC - perfect colours I thought.

Finally, we have an altered mirror that I did last night. Bought at Ally Pally along with the Decopatch papers and glue. It's destined for s'one's Christmas stocking. :)

And ,yes, that is my torso in the mirror..still in my pj's.

How has my first non-smoking day gone? Weeeeeelllll, it started badly, when I sat down with my coffee and automatically lit up...oops! This did not go down well with the person assigned as support and encouragement (remember we're using the "stick" method as opposed to the "carrot"). A further lapse (due to an emotional moment) has seen my punishment doubled. :(

Add to that the fact that I've been eating industrial amounts of chocolate, I'm almost out of wine and have cleared the drinks cabinet so well that I'm down to the whiskies (bleugh) and Tia Maria ...not a good day.
I'm really going to have to watch my weight - I can't afford yet more new undies and clothes..going naked ,whilst comfortable, isn't really an option - I don't think Thame High Street is ready for that..damn, I don't think our street is ready for that!

I learnt via Facebook that I'm going to be a great-aunt again next year courtesy of my nephew (who I've threatened to disinherit if he doesn't drop the "great"). Since his partner has two boys from her marriage and he has a boy and girl from his last relationship..that will make 5. Wondering what the odds are on it being a girl? 
DH's niece is also expecting next year for the first time. My SIL is so looking forward to being a Grandma...why??? I've told DS I'm much too young.

And finally...NaNoWriMo.....what is it you ask?

November is write a novel month (or at least 50,000 words of a novel) and I've signed up to do it.
It's something I've wanted to do for a while so when I saw it advertised on breakfast TV (I knew getting up early was dangerous) I decided to go for it.
Now I've just got to decide what sort of book to write...

Diary of A Middle Aged Housewife aged "old enough to know better"...based on my blog?
Erotic romance? In which case what's the British equivalent of cowboys?
Murder and mayhem?


Carmen said...

British equivelant of cowboys. Fat arsed plumbers with their butt crack filling up your kitchen! Bwahahaha! Nowt erotic about that!

Well done on day one! That's just habit that was theminor hiccup. I've decided to try and give bread up for a while - have so far managed one day but I swear it's calling me!

The photo frame is gorgeous - lucky recipient. And well done on all the cards!

Good luck with nanowrimo. Will you be posting here?

Joanna said...

I saw that on Breakfast tv too - I wouldn't know where to start, so good luck to you.

You've chosen rather an emotionally charged time to give up smoking, haven't you? Maybe there's never a good time but you gave yourself an extra high hurdle to get over. But you've started and you CAN do it.

Don't Great Aunt's knit in rocking chairs?

craftattack said...

Just write about all the things you tell us here. It should be a scream. Good luck with the no-smoking! Hugs, Valerie

K said...

Oh wow, will we get to read said novel? You blogposts are always fab I'd be very excited & a willing volunteer to proof read for you ;-)

Routine habits are hard to break, but you've spotted that sitting down with a coffee brings on the fag habit, now you've spotted it try & break it .... maybe even try sitting in a different seat, would that help break the routine? Cravings are an altogether different matter & I wish you all the will power I can afford to hand over ... I have chocolate & pretzels in so what the hell, here, have all my willpower, you'll find me in a bag of maltesers if you need me ;-p

tea_bag said...

fab photo of you and such a fab LO. I love your selection of cards your mojo has indeed made a return. Love your photo frame, Good luck with the smoking hugs alma xx

Anonymous said...

You always make me smile, love the way you write my friend. Also love your LO and cards, but fallen in love with that beautiful mirror. KUDOS !!
Hugs June x

Virginia said...

WTG you on managing the day - ignor the blips they were just your normal routine - do we want to know what kind of punishment you got for said lapses? Knowing you maybe not tee hee - Carmen's take on Cowboys had me giggling please don't do an erotic novel on British plumbers I don't think I could read that one for crying LOL!

Hope the book is coming along - do post here so we can have a read!

Right off to catch up on more blogs - honestly I am sooooooooooo behind!

BadPenny said...

Something has to give...I've not been good on the wine front either ! Good luck with the ciggies !
Love the girly dress xx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

well done in the ciggies sue...

good luck with your novel, look forward to reading it...xx

maria xx