Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Birthday Giveaway..a photo heavy post.

Happy Birthday to ...ME!!

Yes, I'm 21..again. :)

Before I give details of the giveaway, I want to share some photos:

Anniversary/Birthday flowers..from DH

My cake..courtesy of DH and Waitrose....it's actually a very pale blue not white.

Present from Pat (before opening)...full of scrappy goodies, including a stylish magnifying glass on a chain.

Giorgio Bear from my brother and SIL.

Yes, I have a "thing" for soft toys...I even have my own Ewok (Star Wars).

Max helped me open my presents...the floor is now covered in scraps of paper that he had great fun ripping apart.

We went out for a meal last night..Indian. It was lovely and I ventured out of my comfort zone to try new dishes...Garlic Lamb....yummy!

If the weather holds we're off to Windsor for the day......yes, DH is taking me shopping!! Unheard of as he loathes shopping. M&S and Lush are where I'm aiming for..I have vouchers to spend!

And now for the giveaway.....

To go into a draw to win these goodies simply leave a comment on this post before Friday 28th. 
A random number generator will decide the winner....
As I'm away over the weekend* I'll post the parcel next week.

* The hotel is supposed to have WiFi so I'm hoping to be able to get online.
I also know  a bar where they have free WiFi..and onion rings. :)

And finally....thanks to Joanna who emailed last night to let me know that I'd won an art journalling DVD from Scrap 365 (new magazine) on Facebook...yay!!! 
DH doesn't understand why you'd need a DVD for that.....


DGgirl said...

Hi Susie

Just popping on to wish you a very happy birthday sweetie. Shopping - yay!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to hear what's in Pat's parcel - looks very inviting.

And of course your cake and flowers are lovely - I loooooove birthday cake.

Have a fab day and I look forward to seeing the spoils from your day in Windsor.


Joanna said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sue! Have a great time shopping. Lovely flowers and cake from DH, and present goodies too.

Please put my name in the hat for your lovely lovely lovely giveaway draw (but please can you use Carmen's Random Generator which seems to favour my chances!!).

Many congrats on the DVD win - that DVD is one I've been lusting over for ages, so if I can't have it I'm more than happy that you can! Enjoy!


Diane said...

Hope you have a fab Birthday Sue !! Show us what you bought.....your cake is FAB !!

hugs to you and a kiss for Maz !!

Diane xx

craftattack said...

Have a fabby birthday, stay 21 for as long as you like! Your cake looks gorgeous, I have always wanted someone to buy/make me a cake, so ENJOY it!! Lots of hugs and sparkles, Valerie

Carmen said...

LOL@Jo! I swear she has corrupted my generator somehow!

Happy birthday Sue, am going to make you something but must be honest - haven't even started yet., Been feeling so blech so watch postie in a week or two. I think all my bloggy friends should have Amazon wishlists for times when I feel to out of sorts to make stuff - I did search but there was loads of you on there and I don't think any of them was really you - just pretenders!

Hope you are having an amazing day. Congrats on the DVD win :D

Gina said...

Happy Birthday Susie :D So glad your having a lovely time...about time too :D XXX

Carole said...

Happy Birthday Sue! Cake looks cute and yummy, pretty flowers, interesting parcels and plans sound fab! Way to go!

Enjoy your day

Hugs, Carole xxx

BadPenny said...

Aww Happy Birthday Hun xxx

Daniella said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Your flowers, cake, goodies and soft bear look so wonderful!! And to go shopping this weekend will be so grand!!
I would consider myself so lucky to win your giveaway!! It looks awesome!!
I have an art journaling blog too. Let me know if you want to see it.
Have a great time!!

Hi I'm Maria... said...

happy belated birthday wishes sue...

hope you managed to get to windsor (I used to work there before I was married)...

love your piggy cake, flowers and fab birthday stash...xx

maria xx

Anonymous said...

Ohhh my goodness, I am so wrapped up in things at home etc I havent been blogging much and have missed this .... I am sorry i missed your birthday my friend but want to send belated birthday wishes. Sending big hugs
June xxxxxxxx

Devon said...

Happy (sorry it's late) Birthday :)

Love your pressies :) I love cuddlies too <3

Thank you for commenting and following on my blog.

Devon x

Clarky J said...

Oh no I missed your birthday - Damn blogger and its refusual to give me updates of your blog. belated birthday wishes sweet friend xx and how appropriate the word verication for me to type is Mates!