Friday, 7 October 2011

What's Rocking My World Friday (the censored version)'s Friday again..oh, joy, week nearer to (dare I say it?)..Christmas. 

Speaking of which..two links for you.
My first gratefuls of the week are June at Dezinaworld who has branched out from her fabulous vintage downloads into goody bags...perfect crafty stocking fillers.
And Carmen fellow crafter,reader and wine drinker who is organising a Secret Santa swap for her regular followers - I'm in!

Next is the blog "When One is Not Enough" which makes fascinating reading and where I won a book for my Kindle this week - a free book ...yay!

And still on all things internet, my cyber friends who I'm getting to know better and better and some of whom I'm meeting in real life. I met one this week (this is the friend who distracts me on a Wednesday, although usually via email/text) and the meeting was everything and more that I could have wished for. Hopefully I'll be meeting at least two more (Penny and Joanna!) in the next couple of weeks. Thanks  to Virginia, Queen of the Rockettes, who emailed the link for her gorgeous mini-book. Thanks too to Joanna who "suggested" the following for my fancy dress (I'm still working on getting to that party)..."a virgin for a vampire"....interesting on so many levels...I did think of going as Jacob from Twilight but there might be a problem with me taking my shirt off..

Which leads neatly into my next grateful...which is... that even at my age I'm able to learn new skills, to have new experiences and to make new friends. I don't think I need say any more on that.

Pinterest is next as this was the week that I finally made something rather than just pinning. I made the "buttermilk-blueberry breakfast cake" and it was  delicious..sadly, I had to eat most of it myself as apparently "there were too many blueberries in it" it possible to have too many blueberries??

Sky Movies for showing "New Moon"  again yesterday afternoon - it saw me through the "i" word. 

Haven't heard from the boy this week..well not since he was on his way to the pub to watch the Arsenal match on Sunday..oh, dear...

I've tormented the other Arsenal supporter in the house (Max is a Man Utd fan, despite what the others say!!) with my Man Utd hoody - well he won't let me put the heating on. :(

Things learned this week:
1. Be careful what you wish for...last week I complained about the heat...I didn't mean for it get this cold. Still, it means I can swap summer pj's for my winter ones....I'm particularly fond of the red ones with reindeers. :) And I can dig out the fluffy bed socks - my feet are always cold. Such a glamorous look..

2. Ironing is bad for your health.
I could hardly walk by yesterday evening..standing and ironing was not a good idea esp. after unaccustomed exercise the evening before.

3. It is a bad idea to make appointments for Weds. morning even if it is to see your GP.
That would probably have been OK had I been able to come straight home, but I'd sold a book on Amazon so had to go into town to post it. Extreme nausea and dizziness meant a taxi home (money I could have used for stash!).
I have to go for my flu jab tomorrow at the special clinic. :(

Next week is give up smoking (again) week.
The "it's for the good of your health" approach and the "carrot" approach haven't this time it's the "stick" approach..
I'll let you know how I get on.

A final word at the start of what is going to be an emotional weekend.
I'm still grateful for the things I was grateful for this time last year.
It's the first anniversary on my Dad's death and I still miss him so much...he was the one who introduced me to cricket (from being a toddler) and football. From him I also got my love of crosswords and quizzes and he was the one who taught me to read.
Love you Dad xx


Virginia said...

Ah Sweetie such a lot to take in here! Loving the internet positives - from blogging friends to pinterest! And no you can never have too many blueberries!

Congats on your book win for your Kindle! Awesome stuff!

The winter pj's comment had me giggling I'm sat with big fluffy blue slippers on at the moment!

I definitely agree that ironing is bad for your health but you seem to be suffering a little more than most - big hugs to you hope you are feeling a little better now!

The Raging Desire sculpture always has us doing a double take too, the white ones last year could be taken as innocent but the bright red sculpture this year was definitely more gratuitous!

I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed on the giving up smoking front, my Mum gave up a couple of years ago having tried and tried and tried - she did it with the place in town that gave her the patches that she whittled down a bit at a time - fingers and toes crossed for you this time!

Thinking of you this weekend, anniversary's of loved ones are always hard - so send you sparkles and hugs!



Hi Sue
Thankyou for popping by have alovely weekend
Hugs Dianne xx :)

Carmen said...

Am just writing my list and guess who features on mine? :)

Am so glad you joined up to the swap and for getting to know you. Though I am now going to be taunted with mental flashes for the rest of the day with you dressed as jacob and ripping your shirt off! Yeah - thanks!

Big hugs for this week, am always never far from my email if you want a chat


craftattack said...

Glad you had a lot of good things in your week, but at your age you shouldn't be doing things like I*****g! Take care, Valerie

DGgirl said...


What a great list - even by your standards.

Tearing your shirt off - cigarette in hand - hmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!

How lovely to be able to meet new people who've previously only existed in cyber form - now that's what I call a real grateful.

I agree with you about the "i" word - hate it with a passion - strictly only to be undertaken when needs must and they must be really BIG needs. Think I may have to waste a couple of precious hours this weekend getting some done - certainly not caught up by any means LOL!!

Take care.


BadPenny said...

I'm hoping to go ahead with the Highgate trip week after next - will email.

Take care & thank you for your sweet comments xx

Clarky J said...

Fab list hun x Sit down to Iron! We are taught this annually at back care training - it takes some getting used to but it does work honest.
So glad to hear meeting cyber friends is going well - i know I feel the same way - technology is fab when it works like this x huge hugs hope you are snuggled in those red PJs with your fluffies onx

Joanna said...

Silly me, I thought I'd commented on this post but then remembered I hadn't actually got it out of my head onto the keyboard, duh!

Carmen's Secret Santa sounds fun, doesn't it?! I'm playing too, I wonder who we'll get....... ;o)

Clicked on 'When One is Not Enough' - what are you like, woman?! How on earth did you din that blog?! My mind is boggling (it doesn't often boggle, and it makes my eyes wiggle) at what you're going to wear to the Halloween fancy dress party!

The cake sounds yum-scrum. You can never have too many blueberries, it's got to be a man that said that!

Good luck with giving up smoking.

I'll be thinking of you this weekend, Sue. I know how hard it will be.