Thursday, 31 March 2011

What's Rocking My World Friday

It seems so long since I posted on a Friday (think it must be a month!). Happily I now have my laptop back - I really did miss it!
Before I begin.. people have asked if I know where/how my laptop caught the virus. One word answer - no! David said I needed to be more careful which sites I visited online but the computer techs said it  could have come from a perfectly OK site as apparently these viruses are often wrapped around adverts. One of the reasons the repair took so long was volume of work as lots of people had the same problem (and then the laptop developed a start up problem which meant a complete reinstallation of the operating system).

And so.. onto my gratefuls...

Firstly...of course....having my laptop back. I feel back in touch with the world.
Especially as I've just done my grocery shop online (I've been up since 05:00 - not by choice I might add!).

Secondly..the crafting roll I'm on. I've just completed my 11th LO of the month and have done another two collages this week, double page collages at that.
I'm enjoying getting messy - am I the only one who ends up with more glue on my hands than on the paper?

Next is Royal Mail who, for once, seem to have delivered my mail (Pay it Forward projects) in a timely fashion. A big relief as they have a habit of "losing" things I send.

The usual suspects in the shape of friends,husband and best boy (Max) who have been very supportive this week - I've had a few lows which I think are mainly down to lack of sleep. Hopefully the Nuffield Orthopaedic will get its' act together soon. Don't you just love phone calls that start.."I was expecting to see you this afternoon.." when you've been waiting for a week for a phone call/letter from them.

The people who designed "Bejewelled". Having lost version 2 during the reinstallation I upgraded to version 3 which is so much better - my scores are much higher. Sadly, this is not due to skill on my part but because they've changed the scoring system. But I'll take my gratefuls anywhere I can find them. lol

And finally, the Jury Service who have confirmed that I will be reporting to Oxford Crown Court (as a juror I hasten to add!) on April 18th despite me telling them that I lip read and therefore need to see people's faces. :)

Hope the other Rockettes have also had a good week along with all my lovely blog followers.
Hugs xx

p.s. as the first people to comment have pointed is Thursday...oops! Oh well, I do like to be organised! Blame it on the lack of sleep.


Virginia said...

Good morning hun - now is this a late posting from last week or an early posting from this week - whichever it is lovely to see you back in blogland with your list of gratefuls, I liked them all except for the computer issues obviously and the jury service - are they going to make provision for you as requested or not? anyway hope you're having a good day!


craftattack said...

Sounds like you had a good week, but I am somewhat confused - here in Germany it is THURSDAY!!!! hugs, Valerie

Joanna said...


ps great list though. Jury service should be, errrr, interesting!

Hi I'm Maria... said...

thanks sue, I know I've not been well but you take the biscuit, getting me all confused with the days... so pleased you added the PS at the bottom, lol...

great list and great to have you back...xx

maria xx

DGgirl said...

Hi Susie - how much did this confuse me yesterday missus!!!!!!!!!!!!! It did make me giggle though when I found Maria's comment and your response. Can imagine how glad you are to have your laptop back.


p.s. Have finally started reading Torment and ma taking it to read on plane!

Carmen said...

I was a Bejeweeled Blitz addict but have been lured away by Zuma Blitz. OMG - can't leave it alone.

Jury duty, hmmm. Well you told 'em, they can't complain when you get there.

Fabby list - you're early and I'm late!

Anonymous said...

Hi my Susie, thanks so much for your lovely welcome back, i have missed my lovely blog friends so its good to be back. It sounds like you have had a great week and I have too as have dad back at home and hopefully recovering well.
hugs June xxx

bad penny said...

I was demented from lack of sleep this week which is how I got hubby to paint that blimming front door - I was not worth living with unless something was done !
Your laptop was poorly wasn't it ? Good to have you back only to loose you to Jury service.
I used to drink Cider too - my best friend's mum let us. I think she thought it was fizzy apple juice. We used to get gloriously sozzled on it ! These days the kids drink Vodka. Jess got home safely as I popped in her room in the early hours. I didn't hear her come in which I usually do so guess I must have been sound asleep for once !
Hugs xx

bad penny said...

PS... if you get a mo, pop over to my other blog The Linen shelf to see what Jo & I have been getting up to ! xx