Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Midweek Update

Thought I'd check in using this list that I've seen on other blogs - sorry to whoever started it that I can't credit you - a brilliant idea. TFS. :)

So today I am:

listening - to Adele (not one bad track on "21" her album)
eating - Walkers ready salted crisps (have the "munchies")
drinking - a Black Russian cocktail - don't know if I have the ratio right but it tastes wonderful!
wearing - a black sweater,black jeans,black/multi-coloured socks ( the socks are "tres importantes"!)
feeling - somewhat depressed, don't know why.
weather - sunny but cold
wanting - to be anywhere but here
needing - cuddles and hugs
thinking - what is the point? Have even lost my faith in football. :(
enjoying - Adele and her voice
wondering - if this really is "it", if that's all there is?


Virginia said...

Ah bless you hun, you were obviously having a tough day, do something that you enjoy doing just for you to change some of those above into positives!

big cyber hugs from me!


craftattack said...

Sending you oooooodles of hugs and sparkles, I know that feeling! Valerie

SueB said...

Awww, Susie, sorry so many of your answers seem a bit sad at the moment. Really hope you're feeling happier soon. Life can through so many ups and downs at us at times, and sometimes it seems all at once too, yikes!
But glad to hear you're enjoying your Black Russian (sounds yum!)
sending you lots of hugs and sparkles!
Suzie xxxx :)