Friday, 4 March 2011

Rocking My World Friday

Yes, it is still Friday (just) but I have good reason to be late posting.

So what's been rocking my world this week?

A Maze of Memories has to be first - I did manage to go last Friday (after a soak in the bath my joints felt a little better so I thought "S*d it! I need to get out of the house", doped myself with pain killers and wore my wrist support - such a glamorous look!). With a little help I managed the LO although I didn't do a Christmas LO, even though it was a Christmas class (just have to be different). I made mine using Cosmo Cricket "Circa 1934" papers - not finished yet as I'm still scanning and enlarging (for other LOs) the small photos I intend to use. And yes, you've guessed it...these small photos are indeed from c. 1934.
I shall be back at AMOM tomorrow morning for Scrap Club.
I think I've already shared the rest of this week's creations apart from a birthday card which I can't show yet as the recipient reads my blog.

Still on crafting I received a lovely surprise package, full of crafty goodness, from Val in Germany this morning. Thank you Val it quite made my day. Do visit her blog - she's a very talented crafter and produces the most amazing tags and altered items.

Reading has been good this week too. I'm now reading "The Postmistress", one of Judy & Richard's Book Club selections. This was passed on to me by my friend Pat and I'm enjoying it..although I wish she'd told me before I started it that it was the first book she read on holiday and she needed something "light and cheerful" to read after it. Methinks it's not going to end well...tissues at the ready.

My next grateful is TALF, Thame Art & Literature Festival. This year's event will take place in Oct. but they're organising some run up events.Tonight (and this is the reason for the late posting) four of us went along to "An Audience with Joanna Trollope", the first of these events. She was wonderful and she signed my copy of her new book. A very interesting hour was spent in her company and we even had a glass of decent wine.

Other gratefuls?
Music. This week I have been listening to Adele, specifically her new album "21". A gorgeous voice and heartfelt songs. Just right for crafting to.

Comfort food - steak and ale pie (homemade) and Chiang Mai Thai mince. I have to thank my brother for the last one - he cooked it for my SIL last Sunday and she raved about it. Realised they'd bought me the Ainsley Harriot recipe book it was from some years ago so I made it on Tuesday. Very nice..the heartburn afterwards was from fuming at the ref. of our match against Chelsea and had nothing to do with the food.
Needless to say sport is not in my list of gratefuls this week. :(

And finally the two of my boys who are at home. David has been on holiday this week and it's been lovely to have chilling time together - the weather wasn't nice enough to do much else.
And Max for being his usual lovely, cuddly self. I'll even forgive him for waking me up this morning by licking my mouth (eew!).

Hope all my fellow Rockettes have had equally good weeks.
Hugs xx


Diane said...

See you tomorrow Sue !! Had trouble trying to sort out some photo`s !!

hugs Diane xx

Joanna said...

Ooooh, you met the Queen of Aga Sagas! Brilliant!

Well done for dragging yourself to a Maze of Memories, looking forward to seeing what you create. I love the style of the 1930's, the 'photos' have a feel all of their own.

I've heard that '21' is a brilliant album, one to look out for, methinks.

Have a fab weekend, Sue.


Hi I'm Maria... said...

well done on going last week and pleased you managed a bit of crafting, hugs....xx

good list, but cannot believes how quick these friday's come round, lol...

maria xx

bad penny said...

That must ave been an interesting talk. I really like Adele too such a voice ! I have her first CD.
Answer to your Q oop North is to Southport. Mum's familyt were origionally from Yorkshire & Derby but settled in Lancashire but my grandparents moved South ( and were never forgiven ! ) So we became southerners. I'm going to meet my third cousin ( who recently started The View fom Here Blog ) She is researching the family tree.