Sunday, 27 November 2011

What's Rocking My World Friday...on Sunday

Sorry for the late arrival of this post but on Friday I just couldn't summon up even a shred of positivity.

Things are (like the weather) a bit brighter today.

First grateful is my SIL Judy (David's sister) who not only took him to his hospital check up on Thursday but has also collected D and Max today for an outing. It will do both of them good and I have some alone time..I had big plans for the "h" word then decided against.....I tackled the "i" word yesterday, which is more than enough for one weekend.

Mother nature is my next grateful. As I'm now banned from smoking in the house (D hasn't smoked for two weeks now - he's finding it difficult but is persevering) I had my coffee outside this morning and watched the seagulls and red kites gliding on the thermals. The red kites I was expecting but as we're about as far from the sea as you can get in the UK the gulls were a surprise. Beautiful sight anyway.

Amazon is my next one for excellent service. I ordered the boy's Christmas presents (from his wish list) last night at about 9 p.m. This morning I had an email telling me they'd been sent off and they'll be here tomorrow. Sorted! Now I just have to finish my wish list....

Royal Mail delivered this week too - I sent my Secret Santa parcel off on Friday and it arrived yesterday. I'm just hoping the other four parcels I sent arrive too. They also delivered parcels to me...crafty parcels at that!! The RAKs I won on WeScrap and Janet's blog. Wonderful goodies that I've a made inroads to - I've managed all of one Christmas card this week. :(

Friends are my final grateful for their emails and phone calls checking up on us.


Diane said...

In my thoughts Sue.....not that thats much good !!

hugs Diane xx

craftattack said...

Glad things have been running a bit smoother for you this week. Amazaon is very good with deleivering here, too, one of the reasons why I always go back! Take care of yourself, Hugs, and sparkles, Valerie

Gina said...

Here's to a peacful day with much crafting :D XXX

Joanna said...

Hi Sue, well done for dredging up some positives for your Rocking post.

I hope things continue to look brighter for you.


ps aaarrrgghhhh! My Secret Santa still not ready to be posted!!

Carmen said...

Snap Sue - I join you in being late this week but at least we did it!

Hasn't the nature been glorious this week - it's flocks of starlings (I think!) flying in complete unison here - should've mentioned that. They always mesmerise me!

Please will you email me the link to your wishlist when you've done it? I wanted to make you something for your birthday but still have done nothing creative in weeks. Pretty please? Otherwise I'll just keep searching on there and the wrong Sue may get a surprise ;)

Virginia said...

Hugs Susie, sorry you couldn't find positives on Friday I was struggling myself to dig deep but glad you managed to join in!

Royal Mail did the trick lovely, thank you so much for my parcel, it was completely unexpected and once I realised it was a Christmas gift, I bundled it back into it's packaging for official unveiling at Christmas - yes I am that mad!

You are a star, you managed to make me smile when I was having a particularly difficult time, biggest hugs!

SueB said...

Susie, so pleased to hear things seem a little better, you really have been through the ringer lately, so just take baby steps and each day as it comes.

So pleased to hear David is doing well :)

Well done on getting sorted for Christmas Sue, better than me, I've not even thought about it yet, better get my skates on, yikes!

Sending more hugs to you
Suzie xxx :)

Daniella said...

Oh my friend! So much going on with you!! I'm glad David is doing better!! And all of your gratefuls are awesome!
Can I have your address? I just want to send you a Holiday card!
My eamil (i think you already know it but...)is

BadPenny said...

You sound a lot brighter . Yay for Amazon !

DGgirl said...


First time I've managed to catch up on blogs for so many weeks. Good for you for digging to find that light in face of adversity. It's taken me two months but think I can finally see a glimpse!

Hugs and sparkles sweetie.


Daniella said...

Just writing to say I hope you are well!

Hi I'm Maria... said...

well done on digging deep and finding some positives sue, sending you tons of hugs and sparkles...xx

maria xx

Daniella said...

Have I mentioned that I have a problem remembering what the heck I'm doing?????
Could you please give it to me again?
You are awesome, and I hope you are well!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, what a rotten time you are going through, i hope things for you both improve greatly very soon my friend.
thanks for your support too, Dad is still struggling so off to help again for the rest of the day.
take care my friend and know that i am thinking of you both
hugs June xxxxxx