Sunday, 13 November 2011

What's Rocking My World Friday on Sunday

In memory of  Uncle John, the Uncle I never met.
He was killed in North Africa at the age of 19.
We don't know where he's buried but his name is on a memorial in Libya.

My first grateful of the week is him, and the many others like him who have given their lives for our freedom. 

Friends who have been keeping an eye on me by phone and email.

Family who have also kept an eye on me and have tried to help by issuing invites to stay.

The calming effect of crafting..this week I've been making Christmas tags and getting my fingers inky and messy and prompted this question:
Why do Glossy Accents become black when they dry on your fingers?

The pleasure of baking. I made the Black Magic Cake that I found on really is a contender for "best chocolate cake ever". Thanks to my guinea pigs..DH and Pat's DH and son. :)

A Maze of Memories for Scrap Club where I did this LO last Saturday:

Things to look forward to....especially Christmas in the NE....train and hotel booked. :)

The boy - for understanding why I'll be in the NE for Christmas and not with him...first one without him which makes me sad but it was going to happen one day.

That's it for this week, which has been another week of very mixed emotions and intense discussion.

Off to link up to Virginia's blog.


Hi I'm Maria... said...

HUGS sue...xx

maria xx

Diane said...

Sue your Lo is really fab !! I had fun making mine, I LOVE autumn colours !!

Keep your chin up and everything else you can !!

hugs Diane and big kiss to Max !!

Joanna said...

And a big thank you from me to your Uncle John and his comrades in arms. 19 years old. So sad.

The Black Magic Cake sounds absolutely de-lish (I guess the recipe won't also be found in the Weight Watchers cookbook?!).

Fun LO, with some happy memories of your time at the Halloween Party!!


craftattack said...

Glad you have some gratefuls in spite if still having a hard time. Your son is big enough to let go your hand now, and it's good when you let go of his, even though it hurts! Hugs, Valerie

Gina said...

Re Uncle John. Did you know there is a war cemetery in Tripoli? They were holding a memorial there on friday (BBC news) It was in immaculate condition even though they have been suffering as a people.
My uncle (22 when he died) never came home from italy, but again the people have kept the graves beautifully.

As for your 1st christmas away from DS...that;s what girlfriends are for :)XXX

Beebeebabs said...

Fun layout and pictures - very nice job thanks for sharing!!!

Virginia said...

Biggest hugs from me, a beautiful and fitting tribute to your Uncle John for giving his life at such a young age. Hurray for family and friends being there for you, sorry it's been a mixed emotion week but glad you have things to keep you going and things to look forward to Christmas - albeit that it will be different to previous ones.

Sending big hugs as always

Kirstin said...

Oooh where is this Black Magic Cake Recipe you speak of... I want.. my mouth is watering at the thought!

Went to a bbq at weekend and my sister cooked a sort of version of Apple Brown Betty but it had chocolate in it... OMG it really was to die for.. in fact I'm sure I've been dreaming about it ever since.... I need the recipe off her!