Friday, 4 November 2011

What's Rocking Your World Friday

OK....another Friday has rolled around and it's time to dredge for gratefuls in what has been a very rocky week.

First is family.....I had a brilliant weekend adventure in the NE....the party was a hoot, despite me being used as a guinea-pig for the punch*.
They were all waiting to see what happened to me before anyone else would drink it....well, I was still standing when we left at 10:15 and I even managed a couple of brandies in the hotel bar where my evening continued with lots of laughter, before a rather lovely end to the night.

Photo of all the mad costumes - this is the clean version...the light sabre was in a rather rude position in the next version!

Princess Leia's costume was finished off with a pair of army boots - very fetching!! Mark has just arrived back from 6.5 months in Afghanistan - he's a navy medic.

*The punch...I only found out late in the evening that it was pure lemonade or soda or anything resembling a soft drink.  Funnily, I didn't have a hangover's the mixers what cause the problems!! lol

Friends are next..from the one I met for coffee in London on my way home to those who have emailed and left supportive messages on FB.

Lots of thinking was done over the course of the weekend and decisions were reached.

Sadly, DH and I are separating after 30 years. No final decision on divorce has been reached and for the foreseeable future we'll still be in the same house (for financial reasons).

Obviously, this past week has had painful moments and lots of discussions.
We've  spoken to the boy and he's taken it reasonably well, although he's concerned for both of us.

I'm sad but relieved at the same time...and trying to look forward.


Hi I'm Maria... said...

sending you more hugs and sparkles sue...xx

like I said before, please remember to look after yourself, take care, hugs...xx

maria xx

craftattack said...

Hi Sue! Sorry to hear that you have decided to separate, but perhaps it will be for the better. I hope so for you both! Take care, and have a good weekend, Valerie

Joanna said...

Dear Sue, I'm so glad you enjoyed the fun time with your family - even if the punch does sound lethal!

I know you and your husband have gone through a lot of soul searching to reach your decision, and I'm so sad for you both. But as you say, you must look forward (there's life in the old girl yet, eh?!) and slowly start to build yourself a new life. I do hope that after 30 years together you can both remain friends.

Take care,


Kirstin said...

Sorry to hear you and your OH are splitting up, must be a hard time.... but think in 10 years time you too may bump into him in the co-op and not recognise him!

Hope things go okay and the split is as amicable as possible :)


BadPenny said...

Those costumes are fantastic . A man Princess Leiah ? now that IS scarey ! I like how you were guineapig for the punch ! Ha.

I am so very sorry to hear your news but I know that you have been unhappy and that you & your husband has some big decisions to face.

We are here for you when the times are bad as I'm sure they will be til you can settle all the details & living arrangements.

Take care xx

K said...

((big hugs)) hun.
Glad you had a good time at the party. serving straight spirit punch, what are they like, lol. saying that generally I'd be fine on that stuff but if I even smell a glass of wine I'm as pickled as a pepper :-)

Hope things go smoothly for you this week

Virginia said...

Oh sweetie I saw your update on facebook but couldn't comment - flickering screen and rotating room not a great combination, but just to let you know that I'm thinking of you, if you need anything then let me know. I'm glad you had a great weekend up north and I'm glad that your son is taking things well, I can understand his concerns for the two of you. Sending you big hugs as always


Gina said...

Such a shame, after so many years, but what must be must be :)Taking it slowly is a good idea though...just in case you wake one morning with a feeling of regret. As long as there is no regret you'll be fine :)
As for other matters......did you get a recipe for the punch? and if not why not? :D XXX

Diane said...

Hiya Sue,

Nice to see you too yesterday !! As I said just don`t know what to say....

hugs Diane xx

PS Big kiss to Max.....

islandjacquelin said...

I am glad you had some moments of fun in the midst of what I am sure has been a difficult week. I have been thinking of you lots and sending you lots of positive energy and hugs. You are an amazing woman, and I know you will survive and thrive through al of this. Take good care of you!

Clarky J said...

OMG Susie I am so sorry to read your post - how terribly painful and very sad. I stopped by to tell you you have won the poppy appeal candy - which seems so inappropriate now. Sending huge hugs and loads of love your way sweet lady xx Janet

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, I am so glad you had a fab time here in the NE ... The photo is a hoot and shame you didnt post the other one lol.
I am so sad about your marriage. its about the same length of time that my relationship has been with Sam. I hope that you both become very very happy soon and that these sad days are soon behind you.
you know where i am if you need to talk, i am a good listener my friend
hugs June x

Daniella said...

Oh Sue. I'm so sorry for what you are going through. But if you are relieved, then it must have been for the best. But I also see how you are sad. 30 years is a long time. So difficult, and I really am sorry.
Feel free to write me if you want. I am a good listener if you need to vent, or chat.
I'll be thinking of you!
Be well.