Saturday, 17 December 2011

What's Rocking My World Friday (better late than never..)

I'm back!!! Apologies for my absence but life is still nowhere near normal....I have, however, managed to find some gratefuls this week...

The boy is coming home today...yay!! Earlier than expected too.....probably 'cos  a) he's run out of money (begging phone call received yesterday) and b) his girlfriend is going home today too. Whatever, it'll be lovely to see him and we can watch both footie matches together tomorrow..:) Just as well that I tackled his room earlier in the week....

Friends who have sent me wonderful hand made Christmas cards that have brightened my days. Apologies here for the lack of cards from me..I only managed to make 10 cards so that's all that were sent (now I know why Virginia made hers in Jan/Feb - sensible girl).

Other friends who let us join their Pub Quiz team on was a really relaxing night out and such, we didn't win (came 4th I think) but it was good to exercise "the little grey cells".

I'm still not feeling the Christmas spirit but have managed to do most of my wrapping and only have last minute pressies to buy and I can't get them until I'm in the NE.

David has started his rehab - he has 10 sessions in a gym under supervision. He came back from the first session very energised and took me off to Bicester Village to buy a dress for Christmas - totally unexpected.
This week's session didn't go quite as well due to blood pressure problems. The problem in his case is low blood pressure so his GP had to tweak his meds yesterday. Hopefully this will get rid of the dizzy/feeling light headed spells.

Another grateful....the low fat/low cholesterol diet....whilst challenging (in the sense of making it tasty and not too bland) we are both losing weight. So is Max.....D's answer to cigarette craving is to drag Max out for a walk....I haven't heard any complaints from Max!

The Wii has been "rescued" from the boy's room and is now up and running I'll have no excuse after Christmas to not try Zumba....oh, joy!

Tonight is the Strictly final......any of the three couples could win....but I have a liking for Harry (drummer with McFly)...fingers crossed.

Next week's post will come from a hotel room in the permitting. I've been stockpiling books on my Kindle (and two more are pre-ordered for 23rd) so am looking forward to just chilling.....and to seeing my brother and his family.

Off to link to Virginia's blog...


Joanna said...

It's so good to see you back with the Rocking Fridays, Sue (mine was late too!). You are going through such an up and down time, well done for dredging up some positives.

Hurrah for returning son, enjoy your catching up before you head NE (brrrr, that'll be chilly!).

Hope has brought her Wii downstairs too - JUST FOR THE CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY PERIOD, HOPE!! - and she and Grant have been smashing their way through the sitting room (Grant doesn't seem to understand that his Andy Murray style of tennis - he wishes - is not appropriate in a sitting room with Christmas tree, tv, and coffee table, grrr!).

Have a safe journey up to your NE family.


craftattack said...

Glad to hear that your week had some highlights! Max seems to be enjoying himself, too! Have a good holiday with the family, take care care of yourself, and enjoy your new dress and new books! Valerie

Gina said...

Nice one Susie :D, maybe hubby's sudden illness has shown him how much he has taken you for granted recently....New Dress!!!
It's nice when they come home for the hols. Mine got back monday....haven't seen him much yet(sleeps til noon then off with friends) but it's nice to have him back for a while :)
I'm routing for young Chelsee tonight, she's got no front that girl, like she's the only person who can't see how lovely she is. Don't get that kind of innocence often these days :D
Hope you have a wonderful time with your family "up north" :D XXX

Virginia said...

Hi Susie, lovely to see your post appear, glad Max is benefiting from the extra walks. You sound a bit like me on the festive side of things - it's just proving hard to get into the right frame of mind. Glad you've got DS home today to enjoy some time together and watch a little football.

Hope you have a great weekend



Hi I'm Maria... said...

well done on a better week sue, enjoy your time with DS, is he going with you next week?

hope you've got my card and ATC, (that was a very limited addition) as didn't do much craft myself this year... oh had good intentions, but not enough hours in the day or days in the week, lol..

you take care of yourself and look forward to hearing about your trip away, hugs...xx

maria xx

Daniella said...

Oh friend! So good to see you are blogging again and have a lovely list of gratefuls!!!
Sounds like a lot of good things are coming!
And, unfortunately, I have to agree. What is it with this year not feeling like Christmas at all??
be well!!

Carmen said...

Lovely to see you back Sue. You are not alone. I am feeling extremely guilty at all the lovely handmade cards I've received and I've not even made one. May have to get Virginia cracking the whip on the pair of us in jan/feb eh?

Have a lovely Christmas Sue.

DGgirl said...


How lovely to see you blogging - well done sweetie ""hangs her head in shame"" I'm glad to hear D is progressing well, and how lovely to have your darling boy home early - what a treat.

I am determined to do a Rocking post on Friday so keep an eye out.


p.s. Kindle is bought and wrapped for yours truly so will be looking for recommendations!

SueB said...

So lovely to see you posting again Sue. I'm really pleased to hear David is doing so well. And well done to you both, on your health kick, sounds like you're doing great! I too, need to do more doggy walking and blow the dust off my Wii, a must for the new year, me thinks, lol!

Hope you enjoy time with your DS being home, and hope too, that you have a fantastic and well needed rest and time away from it all at Chrimbo.

I also have a Christmas card for you too Sue, but my e-mail is down and has been for a few weeks, and am unable to find Gina's old list of addresses. when you get a moment, could you PM it to me on FB. Thanks Sue :)

Have a wonderful Christmas!
Suzie xxx :)

Lee-Anne said...

Thinking of you Sue and hope that you enjoy your Christmas. Enjoy your time with your son and that Zumba sounds like it might be some fun. Take care. Hugs XO