Friday, 25 February 2011

Rocking My World Friday

Another week has flashed by and it's time to reflect. It's also 04:30 and I'm typing one handed...don't think I'll be scrapping at A Maze of Memories today - supposed to be doing a class (Christmas - and no, it's not a bit early to be doing that, it's a class that was postponed because of all that snow we had in December). Don't know what I've done to set the arthritis off in my right shoulder and elbow - it's certainly not from excessive housework or ironing.

So, on to my gratefuls.

First the above mentioned craft centre where Pat and I spent last Saturday. As mentioned in my previous post we had a great day and I completed a double and a single LO. That set me off on a roll and I've crafted almost every day since...with breaks for the odd bit of cricket (come on England..trouble beating Holland?) and football (United, really, trouble beating Crawley?). Needless to say, sport is not one of my truly gratefuls this week!

 Inspiration,  from whatever source. Particularly worthy of mention...WeScrap for the challenges; A Maze of Memories (and no, I'm not on commission!) - I'm looking forward to sessions where Christina can pass on all she learnt from Sir Tim last Saturday (great photos on the website of the man himself and the canvasses we'll hopefully be trying ourselves); Mary Green for the online Collage Club which I'm totally enjoying - photos of my work for class 4 later in this post - this was a very messy one. Between that and cooking beetroot I have very colourful hands.

The beauty of reading - can you see why very little "h" and no "i" have been done this week? I finished book 8 of my vampire warriors series. These books just keep getting better and better..roll on book 9.
I'm now reading (on Kindle) "Heat Wave" by Richard Castle. Mmm, how to describe this? A bright idea? A marketing ploy?
For those who don't know..Richard Castle is the main character in the TV series "Castle" (played by Nathan Fillian) and "Heat Wave" is the novel he's written, inspired by the police detective he's shadowing (in the series). Confused? All I can say is..I don't know who wrote it but it's a good read.

Signs that Spring is approaching. More crocuses (croci?) have appeared in the garden and some mini daffodils are almost ready to bloom, having survived the digging and burying of hide chews (they really are disgusting when dug up days or even weeks later!). The birds are tweeting again when Max has his walks and  are nest building in the Russian vine. We even saw the sun yesterday.

Comfort food. Mashed potato and treacle tart, but obviously not at the same time.

And finally, the usual suspects amongst family and friends. Love you all.

Now for the promised collage work. This was all about blended backgrounds using torn, vintage paper and gesso. The white of the gesso contrasts beautifully with the red of the beetroot on my hands. At least they're the right team colours!

The photos are of my maternal grandparents with my Mum (the baby) and Auntie Jean in photo one c.1932 and someone I think was called Isabel in photo two. I'll have to check that last bit with Jean.
I scanned the original photos as they are fairly small but typical of the period.

I hope all my fellow rockettes and crafters have had a good week.
Hugs xx


Diane said...

Love your collage work Sue !! Arthritis is a bummer !!

hugs Diane xx

Virginia said...

Oh I'm loving the collage work - it's gorgeous your round up of the week is beautiful as always. Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend!



craftattack said...

Sorry to hear your arthriris is back and hope you soon feel better. Love your collage work, making things like that is always great fun! Have a good weekend, hugs, Valerie

Joanna said...

Bloody arthritis!

I'm loving those collage pages, and they're particularly special because they have such a personal link. I'm a couple of weeks behind with Mary's class (I'm wading through my Pay it Forwards creations.....) but I'm looking forward to getting stuck in again. Lots of reading is always good, keeps the mind active while you're ironing and doing housewo..... oh, I forgot, you HAVEN'T DONE ANY!! The arrival of Spring is imminent, I can feel it in me bones which is welcome news indeed.

Have a wonderful weekend, Sue. I'm going to do my list tomorrow, kinda ran out of time today and I'm too knackered now!


Hi I'm Maria... said...

sorry to hear you are not too good sue, sending you sparkles that you might make go tomorrow, (can you not go and take in the demo's?)

fab list well done...xx

maria xx

bad penny said...

My grandmother suffered from Arthritis so I sympathise with you. Love your collage pieces

Clarky J said...

Hi Love sorry to hear your not feeling so good however your collage is absolutely STUNNING! Love the colours and your gorgeous papers x rest up friend x Janet

{Sarah} said...

I love reading your gratefuls =)

Carmen said...

I think I get what you are on about with the Kindle story... just! *g* I haven't forgotten those ones I'm going to email either - just haven't got down there to nab them off the old PC. Will do when the kids are back to school ;)

Your collage work is beyooootiful. All those flourishes - just sublime!

Do you think your arthiritis flare up could be this damp weather? I know it's playing havoc with my back!

Have a fabby week!

jan said...

Fab LO s Sue, beautiful collages, lovely photos and happy memories, hugs Jan xx