Friday, 4 February 2011

Rocking My World Friday

It's Friday again - but only just! As I couldn't sleep I thought I'd make an early start on my gratefuls for the week....

First this week is Virginia (the originator of Rocking Your World Friday) for recommending "The Black Dagger Brotherhood" books by J.R. Ward. Amazon supplied them (not on Kindle alas) and I am loving them. Twilight for grown-ups! I've finished book 1 and am half way through book 2. They will be going up to Scotland next if Gill wants to read them - one by one though as there are 8 of them!

Next is my DS and his Christmas presents to me. I spent a lovely Weds. evening playing with tags, listening to Take That and MoS Electronic 80's - both CDs were from him even though he finds my taste in music appalling - thanks Nick!

Mary Green deserves a mention too for the Collage Course I'm doing - thoroughly enjoying it and I'm able to use some of the old books I rescued from Dad's house (along with old sheet music).

This was for the second class which was all about faces. I used pages from The Strand Musical Magazine Feb 2nd 1895. I'd love to know which member of Dad's family was musical - it wasn't him. The course has also given me the excuse of searching for old books on ebay - cheap ones though and the tattier the better so I don't feel bad about cutting them up. Must visit some charity shops too - as recommended by Joanna (aka Fiddlesnips).

As usual I'm grateful for my OH who puts up with my crafting (with only the occasional moan about the mess). I missed him on Weds. as he stayed overnight in Bolton. The hotel was wasted on him - it's next to the Reebok and the Bolton players were there before the game against Wigan - that's much more my scene than his! Plus I'd quite like a night away in a hotel - although I'd then miss Max.

This week's recipe to try is a Heston Blumenthal one -Pea and Ham soup - I'll let you know what it's like next week along with what we did at the second meeting of Scrap Club at A Maze of Memories - so looking forward to that on Saturday.

Hope you've all had good weeks.
Hugs xx


Joanna said...

You are bright and early today, Sue! Sounds like a good week - Wednesday in particular - I could hear you singing along from here;0)

Ooooh, Heston's Pea and Ham soup - looking forward to hearing what that is like.

Carry on Crafting!


Virginia said...

Oh Sue - phew you like the books - they get better and better and better and bar for book one I managed to shed a tear on each of the others - her writing is fantastic - completely addictive and you simply can't put them down! Loving your other gratefuls this week - useful and loved Christmas presents are the best! Let us know how the recipe goes - we're trying all kind of recipes at the moment!

Hope you have a grand day



Carmen said...

Those books are on my wishlist too thanks to Virginia :P Am fluttering my eyelashes at my Dad for my birthday ;)

I'm with your son on your taste in music *ducks* soz LOL! Although I'm growing towards some Take That - not much of it though.

Another fabby list here :)

jan said...

Thanks Sue for your gratefuls, glad you had good week, you will love the Scrap Club again this month, i did it on Wednesday morning, brilliant. have a lovely time tomorrow,Jan xx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

fab list sue and so pleased you had a 'noisy and crafty' Wednesday, hugs...xx

maria xx