Friday, 10 December 2010

Rocking My World Friday

A short list this week as I'm in the grip of pre-Christmas depression...

OH for watching "Eclipse" on DVD with me  - although he did nod off once or twice and said it was a bit long (lesser of two evils though as the alternative was Man. Utd. v Valencia).

DS who had a long chat to me and made me laugh and who will be home on 19th..with promises of help with the cooking on Christmas Day.

Ebay for helping me finish my Christmas gift shopping - just waiting for parcels to arrive now - I do love getting parcels even if they're not for me. I don't like parcels that get lost though...two have gone astray, both from Amazon...the UK one is esp. annoying as it's DVD's to watch over Christmas. 

And finally my cyber friends who've been supporting me this week - you all know who you are and I love every single one of you.


Virginia said...

Like I said Susie - short and sweet is the way to go when we're in the grip of Christmas madness! Hope you are well and not too down. I too am awaiting parcels from Amazon hope might haven't gone astray - making me a little worried now!

Have a lovely weekend


Joanna said...

Well done for putting together your Rocking list, Sue. And I'm really so very glad for you that you've finished your Christmas shopping, aaaaarrrrgggghhhhh!!

Grant often 'rests his eyes' during films and then wants me to explain it all to him at the end, but half the time I don't understand the plot so neither of us has a clue what's gone on!

Good to hear your son is coming home on the 19th, it'll be lovely to have him home for Christmas.

Take care,


Carole said...

We're here for you Sue :)

Hooray for Edward, your DS and the post office this week!!!

Keep your chin up.

Hugs and lots of sparkles

Carole xxx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

lovely list and great news it won't be long till DS is home...

take care
maria xx

DGgirl said...

Love your list as always Susie and you know I'm always around for you!!!

Amazon - grrrrr