Friday, 3 December 2010

Rocking My World Friday

Well it's Friday again and time to reflect on the week gone by.
Firstly, I'm grateful that we haven't had the bad weather (only a sprinkling of snow but lots of ice and a chill wind) that lots of people have had. Do  feel sorry for Max though as he's missed out on playing in the snow. :(
Sky+ is next - due to modern technology I was able to record "The Good Witch's Wedding" on Monday- I was thus able to watch that rather than the second half of the Carling Cup football on Tuesday and did not ,therefore ,witness our first defeat in 30 games.
The internet has continued delivering Christmas, in the form of food goodies and presents this week (even a little bit of stash :)). OMG, that makes me sound just like Margot in "The Good Life"!
OH has had a frustrating week with his car - it was serviced on Monday and it hasn't worked properly since - this is not a joke! Finally, the car has gone to Aylesbury to be fixed....thank you to whoever arranged the replacement car ..we now have an Audi Q7 for the weekend...complete with tinted windows! I have to climb in (so not a good look!) and do feel that a people carrier is a bit excessive for two people and a dog ----but I'll make the best of it!
 We took it for a little drive this afternoon and stopped in Waitrose to do some more bits of Christmas food type shopping . My heart was all aflutter when we left.....we bumped into Brendan Cole doing his shopping ..well we passed him in the coffee and confectionary aisle. That beats the time I saw "Pat Butcher" doing her shopping. :)
Hope you've all had a good week .


Joanna said...

So many celebrities in your neck of the woods! Wahoo for the internet and Sky+, they make life so much easier don't they? Boo to OH's car, someone's must have left a doo-bree sprocket in an important place. Hope it gets sorted soon.

If it carries on over the weekend, I could get a little bit stir crazy with the snow, so keep your fingers crossed you DON'T get it!


Diane said...

Like to see little old you climbing into an Audi Q7 !! Look who`s name droping.....

hugs Diane xx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

LOL had to google 'brendan cole', hahaha... but did recognise the name 'pat butcher', lol...

well done on your deliveries, we've had no post for 2 days here... hugs....

maria xx

craftattack said...

Oh dear, I don't recognise either of those names....I'll go into the corner and put my dunce's hat on! Wish I could have sent you some of our snow, we have loads of it, and ice, and slippery roady etc.... Take care of yourself!

Carmen said...

Our dogggies did not like the snow at all. Probably because it was nearly as tall as them but my Dads dogs - spaniels- absolutely loved it and where driving him nuts keep wanting to go out. It's been raining today so a lot has melted - YAY!

Love your list this week and glad you are still getting your post.

Blimey but you get a lot of celebs!