Friday, 21 May 2010

What's Rocking My World Friday

Found this great idea on Janet's blog.
I too have lots to be grateful for so have decided to join in.

1. The sun is shining, it's warm and I'm going cropping tonight.
2. I have conquered the i*****g mountain (for now!).
3. Max had a clean bill of health at the vet's and she was very impressed with his teeth (thanks to Dentastix).
4. Managed to contact DS - briefly - he was REVISING! Wow!
5. I have managed to have our Council Tax Band revised - dating back to 1993 - with minimum effort. Thanks to the firm of solicitors who contacted me (and whose services I didn't use - they wanted 25% of any rebate). I did it all myself using the internet and phone.
6. I shall be spending the evening with friends - one very good one in particular, who has supported me through some troubled times these last few months.


Jo said...

Hi Susie, I am another Friday Rocker and have popped over from Virginia's blog (she's the birth mother of What's rocking your world!!). You've got some lovely happies this Friday. Congratulations on the ironing pile, sadly it has a habit of regrouping, doesn't it?! Enjoy your friends evening and hope you enjoy the sunny weekend, Jo

Hi I'm Maria... said...

pleased you're doing OK sue, have fun at your crop...

maria x

SusieJ said...

Thanks Jo and Maria. And yes, I had fun at the crop.:)

Virginia said...

Ah hun - just got back in from in a weekend away art journaling and hopped on here to find out what was happening to find you've joined in thank you so much! It's such a pleasure to have a thankful moment in your week and yours are awesome!

Well done you on the council tax band revision - obviously worth the effort! Hope you've had a great weekend!