Saturday, 8 May 2010

A perfect day for crafting!

In other words it's wet and cold and I'm not venturing out unless absolutely necessary.
Have just finished a special project which will be on here at a later date.
Going to make lunch and then do my ATCs for May.
Also have a LO to finish, some cricket to watch (no premiership until tomorrow) ,a good book to finish..oh, and a dog to walk.

Am very annoyed with the General Election result... I voted Green as a protest (wish they had a "None of the Above" box to tick). As expected the Tory won - he's not a patch on our last two MPs (Michael Heseltine and Boris Johnson).
Just wish Gordon Brown would give in gracefully and resign  .. if only to be spared the sight and sound of Peter Hain and Harriet Harman trying to justify his continued presence in Downing Street.
We voted for change!

Sorry if I've offended anyone but I do feel strongly about this. I was worried that DS wouldn't be able to vote as he hadn't applied for a postal vote. How was I to know he was registered in Bristol and had actually voted before we did!
Rant over!

Back later with hopefully some good news from Spain (F1 Qualifying) and some crafting to share