Friday, 28 May 2010

What's Rockin' My World Friday

Can't believe it's Friday again - where did the week go? It doesn't help that I'm losing Weds. again because of the meds I inject on Tues. evening - the injections were supposed to  stop the nausea I was experiencing with the tablets  - oh, well...

I do have things to be thankful for..

1. The crop last Friday was great and I managed two LOs.
2. We have a long weekend.
3. I found my sewing machine and it still works! After over 20 years of not being used I was amazed! Also found the shirt I started making for OH all those years ago - don't think I'm going to finish it somehow!
4. I've been using the machine for stitching on a LO - this is typical me - don't use things for what they're intended e.g the iron is for flattening soda cans.
5. I successfully resisted the temptation to fall back into a destructive pattern of behaviour. I am getting stronger.


Virginia said...

Good evening hun, love your rocking your world - thank you for joining us in our journey to accept the world and be thankful, this week has tested me above and beyond but when I get to friday I know all the things that have taken life from being merely bareable to being absolutely cool ! Finding you tonight has been the cherry on the cake, your life gives me glimpses of what ohers are partaking in and for that I am truly grateful - be kind to yourself because we are all on an amazing journey - and your story makes me proud to be me!

Hugs to you and yours!

Jo said...

Lovely 'happies' here, girl! Good luck with using your sewing machine, mine has 'issues' with me so we're struggling. Enjoy the long weekend, xx