Tuesday, 22 December 2009

My Boy is Home!

DS finally arrived home at 7 p.m. yesterday after a long journey by train and bus. OH arrived back from St Albans (3 1/2 hours instead of 1 hour to do that trip) just in time to collect him from the bus stop.
As he couldn't bring much with him I thought I'd escaped the "washing" but no ....that's all he brought!
He did bring some books so that he can catch up on his reading - ooh, a pig just flew past the window.
He managed to eat with us but then it started - phone calls, doorbell, groups of young men and by 9p.m. he was off into town...
Today he didn't surface until 2.30p.m. (obviously catching up on a term's worth of sleep) and was out by 4p.m.
The washing hasn't appeared yet - he hasn't been in long enough to unpack!

I've had a busy day - dentist again (he still hasn't fixed my tooth properly), battling round Waitrose, dog walking in the sun and snow (quite pleasant as it wasn't so icy) - forgot to take my camera though!
Tomorrow I'm off to ASDA for the final bits and pieces with Audrey. Don't want to have to go out on Thursday as I have cooking and trifle making to do.

And how's this for a Christmas present? My friend Pat has recently acquired a kitten for her son - he's a cute little thing called Lord Nibbler (DS tells me he's a character in Futurama) - well today she took him to the vet's for the "snip". Poor little soul. Do you think this "gift" will catch on?lol


sue-bubbles said...

Im so glad your DS got home safely Sue, given the way the weather is just now...its lethal here!
Sparkles for your tooth..and mine, why do they faff about for so long?!?
I hope you get the rest of your bits done for the big day...the tree tells us 2 more days - yikes! I might start my christmas shopping soon!
Have a wonderful Christmas Sue!!!
Sue x

mrs tsv said...

im glad he got home safe and sound sue, washing as well. lol they always seem to make room for washing.
it makes you wonder how on earth they managed their social life, before mobile phones.
have a lovely chrismas, and sparkles for your sore tooth.
hugs gina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

craftattack said...

Enjoy your family ans wish a all a very happy Xmas. Hugs, Valerie