Sunday, 1 July 2012

Penny's ATC Challenge - June

Can't believe it's July already!
I've been working on this challenge for a couple of weeks now....but all my image transfers in the end I gave up and did this instead:

Picture is my mother in her late teens. Background from Dezinaworld.

And, yes, her name was June and yesterday would have been her 81st birthday.
I can't believe it's almost ten years since she died.

Apologies for a clear lack of blog hopping on my part.....I promise to catch up this week.


Gina said...

This is beautiful Susie...I'm rubish at tranfers too. I often print onto vellum and glue that on to get a similar effect :D XXX

craftattack said...

Lovely ATC and a great photo. Wonder what went wrong with those image transfers? Never mind! Hugs, Valerie

Diane said...

A sweet ATC of your mun Sue !!

hugs Diane xx

PS Sometimes we all need a bit of a break from blog hopping !!

Joanna said...

Pesky transfers, grrrr :o( However, your June ATC is lovely - fancy your Mum being called June, and how perfect to use her lovely picture for your ATC this month. Great background too.

Take care, Susie.


Anonymous said...

Ohh thats so beautiful and worked really well without the image transfer. They are really tricky to do arnt they ? Your mum was beautiful and the atc is a lovely tribute to her.
I am off to try and visit some blogs tonight, its so hard to find the time but i miss being able to see what everyone has been doing. I hope you have a lovely week
hugs June x

Jewels said...

Transfer are hit and miss - but I listen to Jo and try very hard to leave as long as I can before I start to remove the backing paper. Keep at it and it will happen for you! Lovely ATC...J

Carmen said...

How absolutely lovely. This is a perfect thing to work on when other things annoy us. What a lovely name she had too :)