Friday, 28 January 2011

Rocking My World Friday

Sadly no crafty stuff to show you - have hit a block as I've been concentrating on cards this week (I'm beginning to hate them!lol) and just can't come up with a masculine card for my brother (any suggestions gratefully received).

So...onto my gratefuls this week. As usual in no particular order, they are:

FEDEX for bringing me a parcel from Club Scrap (on Monday @ 08:45 when it had only been sent out on Friday) and for not charging me extra taxes - yay! This is unlike Royal Mail who have clobbered me four times in the last week .( Better lay off the USA online shopping for a while).

Amazon for their continuing recommendations for my Kindle. I can honestly say that I would never have read most of the books if they hadn't brought them to my attention. My mind has boggled, I've laughed and giggled and realised that I'm not as worldly as I thought (and I still think some of the things I've read are physically impossible! I obviously don't get out enough). They've also just delivered a large Moleskine notebook so I can start my collage course. :)

Waitrose and Delia Smith for the Cheese,potato and leek souffle recipe and the handy placing of all ingredients together. This was the first souffle I've ever made and it was wonderful - it didn't sink either.  Going to try chocolate next.

OMG I'm sooooo easily pleased these days. lol!

Dimitar Berbatov (and the rest of the team) for two matches that had me on the edge of my seat. Admittedly it was so I could swear at the TV during the first half on Tuesday, but all was well in the end.

Friends both in real life and online. Pat and I went up to A Maze of Memories for an hour this afternoon. Not to crop but just for coffee and a look round the shop...well, I say look, there was a certain amount of purchasing done too. She also lent me a book called "The Postmistress". Virginia recommended a new author for me to try which I'm looking forward to (and I will send you the best titles from my Amazon reading - I promise you'll know more about shapeshifters than you ever wanted to!lol)

OH for only complaining mildly at the lack of meat on the night we had the souffle (there was salad) and for generally putting up with me and my crafting and my lack of housewifely skills (apart from cooking).

Hope you've all had a good week.


Joanna said...

Lovely list, Sue. I was wondering about that souffle - I'll give it a go now I know you've tried and tested it!

The taxes demanded by Royal Mail for incoming parcels from abroad really annoys me. I was caught out once and I'm wise to it now.

Looking forward to seeing what you make for your collage course.

Have a lovely weekend.


Virginia said...

Wonderful list Sue - OH comment made me giggle - mine doesn't think it's a real meal without meat - you've no idea how much whinging we had after the boiled egg tea we had the other night I tell you! Royal Mail drive you mad, they never deliver the parcels on time, take it back to the depot, never smile when you go and collect the parcels, charge you at the drop of a hat, don't open at sensible times and our local centre insists you leave parcels 48 hours before you try and pick them up - I could walk there in less than 2 hours so why does it take them so long LOL! Sorry you've hit a block on the crafting front - sending you some crafting vibes to get you going again! On the card front I always find clocks work quite well with men's cards - don't ask me why?



Hi I'm Maria... said...

fab list sue, sorry to hear you've not the heart to craft, but well done for the buying, pleased to hear you still have that knack, lol..


maria xx