Friday, 14 January 2011

Rocking My World Friday

Friday again (where did that week go?) so hello my fellow Rockettes.

So what  have I been grateful for this weeK?

Firstly, time in the house on my own (apart from Max - but more of him later).
It was lovely to eat when I wanted, to craft without interruption and generally just please myself. David has been up in Edinburgh for three days - as we speak he is driving back down (last heard from 40 miles north of Birmingham).
I shall be pleased to see him.
Max for keeping me company and making me smile.
Kindle for letting me read cheap (and, I must admit, trashy novels!) at a click of my mouse. Haven't dared take it into the bath yet - that's where I do a lot of my reading - as some of you may remember I did actually drop a paperback into the water one day last year. Don't think insurance would cover me somehow.
The good news that David's job is safe as his company undergoes yet another "restructuring" - I think that's corporate speak for redundancies.
Strong coffee that helps me face the day - although the cup I've got now is a little too strong even for me (the packet was almost empty so I just tossed it all into my cafetiere for one - big mistake).
A Maze of Memories where Diane and I were at Scrap Club last Saturday morning (LO is in a previous post). We stayed to crop in the afternoon and I'll show you the results at the end of this post. Poor Pat was supposed to be with us but unfortunately is suffering her second bout of a nasty flu like bug. Get better soon partner in crime - I've had to take over crafty sales ordering on her behalf as well as my own - it's a hard job but someone's got to do it.
And that,as they say,is that for this week.

This double LO is for my little brother and was made using his old school photos. For some reason when we were at primary school the photos used to be taken just before Christmas and they would always be in a folder with a Christmas picture on it - I know ours were often sent out to relatives with the Christmas cards. I used papers by Bo Bunny (Winter Joy)  from the WeScrap December kit. Buttons and grommets/gromlets were from stash.


Joanna said...

Good to hear that David's job is safe - I can't imagine how scary it must be when redundancy looms its ugly head. I'm with you on the coffee thing, girl! My family say I'm addicted, which I probably am because if I don't have my morning coffee (preferably Costas) I get such a headache. Caffeine withdrawal! That's such a cute LO - your brother looks/looked so gorgeous with a very cheeky smile. He'll love it. It's so interesting to see how children develop and school photos are a great way of marking the changes.

Max is Top Dog!

Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Have a great weekend, Sue.


craftattack said...

Lovely LO! Our school photos also used to be done before Xmas. Nice memories!

Virginia said...

Oh Susie a lovely Rocking Your World, I love the layout particularly the colour choice one of my favourites a gorgeous clean design! The coffee comment made me giggle! Hope hubby gets home soon and glad you've had some quality scrapping time whilst he's been away also extremely glad to hear his job is safe!

Hope you have a grand weekend


DGgirl said...

Hi Susie

What a fab list, especially about David's job. Hope he gets home safely from the now not so frozen north. A balmy 7 degrees this afternoon - bliss!!!

Love your layout - really must get on with some of mine.

Have got news so will try and do a blog post - failing that will email you!!


Fiona said...

Hi Susie!

I am just getting used to this whole blogging thing! I used mine like a diary and now I am trying to mingle!! I loved your list, so good to hear your husbands job is safe! I love your layout, the colours are beautiful!

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

x x x x


Hi I'm Maria... said...

fab list sue,
fab news on david's job...
and fab LO, well done...

hope david is home safely and you're having a good weekend, hugs...xx

maria xx

Carmen said...

Great news about the job! That must be such a weight off your mind.

Love the scrapbook page - really like your style :)

Joanna said...

Hey Sue, got your comment about Pay It Forward - yes please, if you've still got a space let's swap!

My email address is on my blog so if you want to leave your snail mail details I'll get makin'.....