Friday, 7 January 2011

A BLOG AWARD! (or better late than never!)

Hi all! I've just found out that the lovely Val  gave me this award in December (sorry for taking so long Val!).

The rules are that I must list eight things about myself and pass the award on to four other bloggers. goes:

1.I spent my year in France in Le Mans and went to the 24 Hour race (in the press box no less!).
2. I was taken to see the inner workings of the lifts on the Eiffel Tower while on a "romantic" visit to Paris (thanks OH!) and still have the postcard to prove it.
3. I used to be an examiner for the NEAB G.C.S.E. in French.
4. Touch wood I have never broken a bone in my body.
5. I was "conned" into going on the Space Mountain ride @Disney World - DS said the best thing about the ride was hearing me scream (I don't "do" roller coasters).
6. As children my brother and I were only allowed a tortoise as a pet. We both now have dogs.
7. I was a bridesmaid three times (2 cousins and my little brother).
8. My A level English teacher said that I was the best producer of red herrings he'd ever met.

And now I would like to pass this award to (in no particular order):





Do visit their blogs - they are all inspirational crafters.


Joanna said...

Aw thanks chuck! I'm picking up a strong French theme here, Madame!

Definition of 'expounding plank' on my blog.....


Hi I'm Maria... said...

cool list and well done on the award sue...

maria xx

craftattack said...

Congrats on your award! You deserve it!