Friday, 22 October 2010

Rocking My World Friday

It's been a strange week again but I do have lots of gratefuls.

My DS who flew up to Newcastle from Bristol (it was waaaaay cheaper than the train) to be with us for Dad's funeral - you were a great support.
My OH for being there for me too.
My family (brother, SIL and nephew) for a great night out before the funeral - yummy Italian food and wine and laughs.
All the people who came to the funeral - it was comforting to know how loved and respected Dad was.
Dad's local "The Grand" where we had the "wake" - the staff and regulars looked after him so well (I love their tribute on Facebook).
Friends who continued to send hugs and sparkles (real and virtual), cards  and messages - thank you all.
My own home and bed - it feels as though I've been away for months rather than weeks and it's taking me a while to adjust but I'm getting there.
And finally..Crafty Steals for keeping me supplied with stash - I may even use it one day. At the moment it's enough to just look and stroke! If you haven't visited the should (I know Gill will agree with me!lol).


Jo said...

Well done for getting through the last few days, normality now seems very strange, doesn't it? How lovely that your Dad was so well regarded.

It's lovely that you have been able to think of your gratefuls this week, Susie.

Love and hugs,


DGgirl said...

Hi Susie,

Given the events of recent weeks I think this is a lovely list so well done you sweetie! I eagerly await my first Crafty Steals parcels - bring it on!!!

Hugs and sparkles to you and yours.

Gill xxx

craftattack said...

Glad you are back in your own bed again, there#s nothing better! Well done on getting everything done, and glad you were not alone! Hugs and sparkles!

Carole said...

Well done Sue for still thinking positively when you probably don't feel very grateful at the moment.

Sending you some top up sparkles and lots of virtual hugs!

Carole xxx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

lovely list sue, hope you get back to normality soon, but for the moment, just enjoy stroking the papers, lol...

maria xx

Carmen said...

Oh Susie I had missed that he had passed. I'm so sorry to read that. What a beautiful list you are such an inspiration.

Sending you huge hugs x x x x

SueB said...

Susie, so sorry I've not been around for a while, things are in full swing at our house with the building work, and moving out and all the prep work has ment I've not been around to catch up with all my lovely crafty pals recently.
I was so sorry to read about your Dad Sue, it sounds like he was a lovely and very well liked man and that you were a great daughter to him :)
It's a lovely list Sue, and as others have said, so very positive.
I'm so glad you've had some laughs along the way, and ofcourse some scrummy stash too, now you know I'm simply going to have to have a peek at this site, and ofcourse if I buy anything you know I will have you to blame you, lol!

Suzie xxxxx :)

Virginia said...

Hi Susie - sorry I'm late - but been away - wanted to say that I'm still thinking of you - your list of gratefuls is so people orientated which is lovely to know when we need support that it's there. Hope you are able to settle back into home life and I must admit the thought of my own bed at the moment is something that I'm mighty giddy about!