Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Birthday Flowers.

This gorgeous bouquet arrived at 08:30 on Monday - quite made my day! It was from five of my "crafty friends" and was totally unexpected. Thank you all - you know who you are! Also showing are some of the beautiful cards I received - thank you again, esp. for all the handmade cards - they'll be going in my treasure box.

In the afternoon my friend Audrey came to visit with her son,DIL, their 3 girls and 2 dogs. Max had great fun in the garden with Pepper and Roxie.
The girls presented me with two bunches of glorious roses - thank you!

I had a good (ish) day and the house looks wonderful with all these flowers.
Did you guess that I LOVE flowers!lol


Jo said...

Gosh, what beautiful flowers for the Birthday Girl (Happy Birthday for then!). And Max had fun too (did he get any cake?!).


SusieJ said...

Haven't had a cake yet Jo - OH is away all week so didn't seem worth it - I'd have eaten it all myself!
Hugs xx

Jo said...

No one would have known!!


Diane said...

Belated Birthday Wishes Sue !! You can`t beat fresh flowers in the house.

hugs Diane xx

tea_bag said...

So glad the flowers arrived on time and they look so wonderful and glad you loved your birthday card xxx hugs alma xx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

they look lovely sue, love the vase too....hugs...xx

maria x

Java said...


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