Friday, 8 October 2010

Rocking My World Friday

A quick post (I keep losing internet access still - very frustrating) to update you all.
I'm still grateful to the same people as last week, for the same reasons, but have to add:

Online friends who've sent me hugs, sparkles ,prayers and messages - I'm grateful for them all.

Other friends who phone to check on how I'm coping and to ask after Dad.

My brother who took some time off work to share the load at the beginning of the week - we had a wonderful walk on Tuesday with Sam and Max (our dogs) - the sun was shining and it was great to be out in the fresh air - even though our route took us through the local cemetery. 

Dad's friends from his local who took it in turns to visit him last weekend - he was really pleased to see them and he brightened up.

Dad is getting weaker by the day, can no longer sit up and is sleeping most of the time. I had a sitter from the local hospice last night and it was bliss to be able to sleep through. Thanks Denise.

More district nurses are calling now (he has an injection to help him settle for the night) and I am in awe of their gentleness and professionalism.

And finally ...thanks to Max for being my constant companion..he is becoming very well known...every nurse and carer who visits knows about him having been told how friendly he is ... Max just laps up the attention as his due!


Jo said...

Susie, well done for carrying on with your Rocking post at this difficult time. Max sounds gorgeous and his nature is a reflection of yours.

Sending love and hugs,


Diane said...

As I said last week, my heart goes out to glad you are getting support and the best support being Max.

hugs Diane xx

Virginia said...

Susan - my thoughts are with you today as they have been all week, I love your ability to see the gratefuls in your life at the moment and hope that having family and friends close whether in real life or in blogland lightens the load a smidging so that you know that you are not along!


jan said...

Thinking of you, glad you have support, and lovely furry support Max too, hugs Jan xx

craftattack said...

Sending you loads of sparkles to see you through these difficult days, and glad to hear you have people there to help you. Lots of hugs to you and Max.

Carmen said...

It's lovely to read of all the support around you and of lovely Max :)

You are an amazing person Susie - wish I could give you a real hug but hope the virtual one will do.

Hugs x x x x x

Clarky J said...

Missed seeing your post last week Susie sending you huge (hugs) and gentle thoughts xx

DGgirl said...


Glad to hear that you've been getting more support to see you through these difficult times. I can imagine that Max is truly loving all the attention. I thin of you often in my days (poke) and wonder how things are going. Sparkles to keep you going sweetie.


jackie(worcs) said...

Thinking of you and your family, glad Max is keeping you company.
Jackie x

SusieJ said...

Thank you so much girls - your prayers,hugs,thoughts and sparkles are very much appreciated.
The district nurse says it won't be long now - I truly hope so for Dad's sake - I'd like to keep him here but not in the state he's in - he wants to be reunited with my Mum.
Sue xx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

oh sue, my hear still goes out for you and hope you get your unselfish wish, of having your mum and dad reunited together again, {{{hugs}}}

maria xx