Friday, 6 August 2010

What's Rocking My World Friday?

Where to start? The beginning of the week I suppose...
First I'm grateful to Twilight (again) as the DVD of "New Moon" eased the chore of dealing with the ironing mountain which is no more - until I next do the laundry! I did have to stop and sit down a couple of times - I cried at the same bit of the film as I did with the book. Speaking of which ..Robert Pattinson made me cry again on Wednesday. I thought the DVD of "Remember Me" would ease me through the afternoon - oh boy! Definitely a full box of tissues job. Crying is good for your eyes - mine must be fighting fit by now! The DVD is now on its' way to Carole - if anyone else would like to borrow it please let me know and Carole can post it on to you instead of back to me. 

Best thankfulness of the week is reserved for DS and his girlfriend who arrived on Tuesday evening to spend a few days with us. They're now on their way back to Bristol to pay the deposit on and pick up the keys for the house 10 of them will be sharing for the next year. DS made my lunch today - thank you for a wonderful toasted ham,cheese and tomato sandwich!

Thanks to OH for taking us all out to Prezzo last night for a yummy Italian meal - good food and good company - perfect.

I'd also like to thank Gordon Ramsey for his baked cheesecake recipe (it appeared in the Sunday Times magazine several years ago)  - it is always delicious esp. when served with a mixture of summer berries and it went down well on Tues. evening.

I'm also grateful to Facebook as a fun way of keeping in touch with people and a place for interesting adverts for "must have" items such as sparkly Team Edward T-shirts and mugs with the words - "I'm having trouble dealing with the fact that Edward Cullen is a fictional character" - priceless!

And finally I am grateful to Krister Henriksson and the team that made "Wallander" - I've been recording series 2 on BBC 4 and watching them whilst having lunch. I really hope there will be a third series, if only to improve my speaking of the moment it's limited to "Tak" which means thank you (and I learnt that in Denmark over 30 years ago)lol! I can pronounce Malmo with a Swedish accent too.

I have lots of things to be grateful for this week but am feeling a bit flat today for obvious reasons.
Hope your weeks have been as good.
Sue xx

p.s. mustn't forget Sue-bubbles for making me buy yet more stash from QVC! She recommended a kit in the last click section and two others "fell" into my basket as well. Naughty me!


craftattack said...

Glad you had a good week, and enjoy your new stash, it's good that Sue B is to blame again!!


Hi Sue
Glad you have had a good week
Hugs Dianne xx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

good lit sue, well done on your stash buying, lol...

maria x

Carmen said...

Blimey that's a really happy post. You sound just like my friend the way you talk about Twilight and Edward and Mr Pattinson. She's just as obsessed and has been through just as many hankies this week too. Sparkly t-shirt hey? You may have given me an idea for her Christmas pressie ;)

Clarky J said...

A brilliant list Susie and love your Twilight chat - what is it about those books that cast a spell over you? I NEVER would have thought I would be reading books about Vampires let alone watching the films but I love them all. I have to admit to swinging between team Edward and Team Jacob - My daughter is def on the Werewolves side LOL. Sounds like Remember me is a must watch film too and seeing as my bladder is too close to my eyes I will def cry :0) If its not too cheeky i would love to take you up on the borrowing dvd offer when your pal has watched it x Loving your positive post this week too I hope more folks will join us in this Fresh start to fridays with Virginia x Janet