Friday, 20 August 2010

Normal Service Has Been Resumed/Rockin' My World Friday!

Yay! I am back in both home and  cyberworld!
My laptop developed a major and frustrating fault last week just as I was going to my Dad's. Thought I could deal with it was beyond me. Add to that 36 hours without internet connection followed by access with a weak link and I was pretty much offline all week. No crafting either apart from a 3rd b'day card for my great niece.
So my grateful list this week also tells you the tale of my week away.

First is my DH who spent all last night and this morning working on my laptop and fixed it. Love you D and I missed you.
Next is Max who hasn't left my side since I got back and who patiently (if somewhat bemusedly) listened to me on the phone while I was  away.
My Dad who isn't well at all  - we still managed some quality time even if part of Tuesday was spent at hospital getting his eyes checked (he has cataracts).
The staff and customers of the Grand where I had my usual wild Saturday night - the band were great and it was so good to meet up with old friends, even if I didn't get home until 03:00 Sunday morning!
Barbara, my Dad's next door neidhbour for letting me use her wifi.
Tracy, my Dad's other next door neighbour who has turned my messy hair into a sleek blonde bob.
Sally, my best friend forever (we've known each other since she was 18 mths old and she was also my bridesmaid) - we bumped into each other in a coffee shop as she was visiting her Mum. Since her family home is in Preston and she works in London and neither of us knew the other was visiting this really is amazing!
My nephew and his girlfriend for services above and beyond. He borrowed Twilight and New Moon on DVD on Friday evening and they watched them back to back. They definitely wanted to see Eclipse. So off we set on Tuesday for the Metrocentre for the 18:10 showing. Got caught up in traffic,legged it across the wet car park and arrived at 18:10 only to wasn't on. This despite the iphone listings (as we stood in the foyer) and the Odeon website saying it was! Cut our losses and had a meal at Frankie and Benny's - very yummy! Further searching on iphone revealed the film was showing (for one performance only at 20:00) the following day at Teesside Park. So after work on Weds. off we set. Asked if I was getting excited I said that I wouldn't until I saw it start! Well I did! What a wonderful film and OMG Edward on the big screen! Lots of sighing and drooling. Thanks Anth and Lesley!
And last but not least my DS who has been home this week and stayed around especially to see me. He leaves tomorrow so don't know when I'll see him again. And special thanks to him for allowing me to get my laundry fix!lol


Carole said...

Phew! What a week you've had!!! Glad to hear that normal service has now been resumed - thanks Mr F!!! Glad you managed to catch up with friends and got to see Eclipse!

Hugs - Carole x

Virginia said...

Wow that's a week and a half hun - you managed to cram an awful lot into a week! Glad you're back in cyberland loving your grateful list! Hope you have a calm and relaxed weekend!

Diane said...

Life is not boring with you Sue !! Sorry to hear Dad is not too good, but had a good time with him, family and friends !!

hugs Diane xx

PS Love your new blog background....

DGgirl said...

Hi Sisie, What a fab post. Was beginning to wonder what had happened to you!!!

You sound as though you've had a fab week and I'm so glad you got to see Edward on the big screen - *SIGHS*.

Off to do my WRYF and catch up on some blog hopping.


craftattack said...

Hi Sue, nice to see you back online, and glad there were such a lot of positive things for you last week. Hugs and sparkles!

Hi I'm Maria... said...

great to see you back sue, WOW what a week you've had, sending sparkles to your dad, hope he's feeling better soon...

fab list...

maria x

Clarky J said...

Wow Sus thats quite a week! Fab meeting up with your friend too. Rather envious of that trip to see eclipse though missed it round here :0(


Hi Sue
Glad you got it sorted,there is something for you on my blog,
Hugs Diane xx :)

jan said...

Hi Sue, sorry your Dad is not too good, hope he feels better soon. Glad you met up and had a good time with family and friends.Mum has been unwell so i have been with her, she is getting better now slowly, take care, hugs Jan xx