Sunday, 23 August 2009

My Week!

A week of ups and downs (normal for OH as he works with lifts! lol).

I had the pleasure of meeting a cyber friend in person on Monday evening - Bev who lives about 7 miles from my Dad. We had a great evening chatting and hope to meet up again next time I visit the NE. Hope you had a fabulous time in Florida Bev (and managed to avoid Space Mountain!!)

And yes, as you'll see in the photo - I have gone blonde - well partly! After having subtle highlights (and a red streak) that weren't noticed (had to point the red streak out to OH after a month!) I decided something more "drastic" was needed - thanks Tracy for a great cut and for taking "ten years off me"!
One of the downs was that my Dad was ill while I was out meeting Bev - it's difficult living so far away from him - I try to speak to him on the phone every day but it's not the same.
Another down was the effect the journey home had on me - 5 days later I am still aching from hauling my luggage about and have been unable to craft (or sadly,iron) due to swollen hands.
Man Utd's defeat at the hands of Burnley on Weds. evening did not help -come on boys - Burnley?!!!
Thursday was a good day - Nicholas passed his A Levels and will be off to UWE in Bristol next month. It may have taken him a bit longer than his peers but he got there - we are very proud of him (and fighting over who gets his room! - just joking N.!!)
When I'm able to craft again I shall be uploading my work here.
I've ended the week feeling very down - even beating Wigan 5-0 hasn't cheered me up.
Lets hope my trip to Tesco today has a positive effect!


craftattack said...

Hi Sue, know what you feel like with ups and downs! Sorry you are having such a lot of pains still and hope that you will soon be well enough to get crafty again, but i****** is not really necessary! Have a nice evening! Hugs, Valerie

Hi I'm Maria... said...

love the photo sue, and sorry to hear about your dad and your hands, hope we're both on the mend now...

and congratulations to nicholas

maria x

Diane said...

Sorry life has been a bummer lately for you Sue, but well done to your son !! Hope lift bucks up for you very soon......

hugs Diane xx

jan said...

hope you and your Dad feeling better now, congratulations to Nicholas a new phase in life starts, hope life feels better soon too, Jan x