Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Another award!

Thanks to Valerie and Tracy for this lovely award!
The conditions of the award are:
I must post it on my blog (done).
I must continue to make people smile (I'll try - promise!)
I must pass it on to 5 friends and notify them (will do that tomorrow)
I must say who awarded it to me (done)
I must list five things you don't know about me - eek!
1. I am afraid of water on my face and have never learnt to swim.
2. I once had lessons in Urdu.
3. I hate frogs and toads (have been known to jump into the middle of the road to avoid them)
4. History was my second subject at Uni. (at one time I was planning to be a History teacher)
5. I bred rabbits (not intentionally!)
I am passing this award on to Ann - I love hearing about her family; Diane - who makes me smile at AMOM; Sall - who loves animals so much; Stickhead - who makes me laugh out loud and CC who provides inspiration .


cannycrafter said...

Thanks Susie, have done my best! xx

Diane said...

OH WOW Sue !! Another award for me !! I`ll try to make you laugh at AMOM on Saturday and not just a smile !! My attempt at mosaics will make you laugh, can`t cut straight lines to save my life, hay ho !!

Thanks again,

hugs Diane xx