Monday, 20 April 2009

Oh dear - part two!!

What a sad weekend football wise!
I fear the FA Cup is now Chelsea's.
Our youngsters did well (boy, did I feel old when they said the ave. age of our team was 22.5).
Berbatov is not fit to wear the shirt! His penalty was pathetic and showed about the same level of interest as he did when he came on as a sub.
Can't believe I was sooo excited when we signed him - he must make up for it sometime - mustn't he?!!
Must go to bed now as up at 5 for our boat trip.



Hi Susan you can say that again my hubby is a man utd fan so you can imagine the air was blue.hope you have a good crossing and enjoy your day,
Dianne xx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

oh well susie, look on the bright side you might be top... and you beat my team :o(