Monday, 27 April 2009

My Night With the Stars - Postponed!

I have won a ticket to the After Show Party for the Soap Awards!!
This was originally supposed to be Sat 2nd May - the same day that Man Utd play at Middlesbrough. I was going to visit my Dad and go to the match with my cousin but gave that up for a night out in London with hotel and everything.
Phone call tonight and ITV have put the event back until 9th May. I can still go but it's too late to re-arrange things for this weekend! Damn! Shall just have to make do with Sky!
Will be staying at the Cumberland Hotel nr Marble Arch (actually know it as it's very near where OH's old Head Office was - very handy for Oxford Street!).
All I have to arrange is transport to the hotel and once booked in (between 2-3p.m) everything is in the hands of 888.
Party is taking place at the Cristal Club (must Google it!).
I have my outfit - went to Bicester Village last Weds. with Audrey - we looked in just about every clothes shop and I still ended up getting the first outfit I saw that I liked!
Looking forward to this even though I don't actually watch any soaps! Used to but stopped some time ago apart from the odd bit of Hollyoaks when DS has control of the TV.
I shall report back, take photos and do a LO.


Hi I'm Maria... said...

shame about the date changing susie, but at least you can make the new date AND watch footy on TV...

maria x

Vikki said...

that sounds exciting! im a bit of a soap fan but try not to watch to many, not enough hours in the day! hehe
V :)